411: A Bit Too Much Suri?

Katie Holmes | Michael Jackson | Sweeney Todd | Ike Turner

Katie Shops Suri To Press

Katie Holmes was all over the internet this weekend. She took 20 month old Suri on a shopping spree to stores very appropriate for toddlers—like Fred Segal on Melrose and other Beverly Hills stops.

Uh, not! At one point, spying cameras from the various paparazzi show Suri being carried by one of Tom Cruise's security men while Katie shopped. Later the camera crews and paparazzi got amazingly vivid and unobstructed film of little Suri.

This can't be the way to raise a toddler, can it? Frankly, it seems contrived, like a headlined adventure for Katie and baby to show they're bonding and happy at Christmas, just a couple of weeks before Katie's movie, "Mad Money," opens nationwide.

I can't remember a baby this much on display. Cruise's elder kids were rarely seen before they hit age 10. Indeed, most Hollywood children are usually hidden from view for fear of kidnapping or other threats.

Even with a security SWAT team, Holmes would be better off doing her adult errands without Suri. There's no doubt the baby would probably be happier, even if it her absence disappoints the photogs.

Jacko Erases McCartney

The new mixes for Michael Jackson's 25th anniversary of "Thriller" are out. And guess what? Paul McCartney has been erased from "The Girl Is Mine."

It's a new kick in the teeth for McCartney, who essentially lost the rights to his song catalog during the recording of "Thriller" and that song back in 1982. It was at that time that the Beatle shared information with Jackson, who turned it over to his lawyer, John Branca.

Now Jackson and producer Will.I.Am have remixed "The Girl Is Mine," originally a duet between McCartney and Michael. As far as the new recording is concerned, Paul is dead. SO to speak.

Three other remixes of Thriller tracks have turned up today on YouTube including Kanye West's sluggish take on "Billie Jean."

If the idea here was for these new generation producers to reintroduce Jackson, it may not have been such a good idea. Will.I.am's remix of "Pretty Young Thing" comes from a demo track and doesn't sound much like anything. Only Akon's remix of "Wanna Be Starting Something" has a fresh reference. But it's Akon's voice that takes the lead, with a little of Jacko's old vocal mixed in for good measure.

Will these remixes sell more copies of "Thriller" or restore Jackson's prominence? Maybe. But the pictures of Jackson from 1982 when he was still dark skinned and halfway normal looking are hard to rectify with the current model.

It looks like he's been remixed too.

Sweeney Cuts Hanks, Swank

"Sweeney Todd" won an unofficial three way race over the weekend. Its rivals were too other films for adults, "Charlie Wilson's War" with Tom Hanks and "PS I Love You" starring Hilary Swank.

"Sweeney," pegged as a masterpiece in Friday's NY Times and elsewhere, did over $9 million over the weekend. That's a little under what Paramount hoped but not bad still. The next couple of days should help considerably.

Somehow either the Screen Actors Guild nominators didn't see "Sweeney Todd" or they didn't understand it. We have to assume the former. The Tim Burton horror musical is absolutely the best film of 2007, and a must see!

Christmas Gift From YouTube

All this talk of Ike and Tina Turner made me curious to find videos of them. Here's a great video link that shows the sadly warring couple at their best at least musically: