Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, this week's biggest winners and losers as chosen by me, Heather and "The Big Story" staff. First the losers.

Jamie Lynn Spears is a loser, and not because she's going to have a baby. Generally speaking babies are good. But the bad thing is Jamie Lynn is still a baby herself. And this didn't help her hit TV show at all. Congrats on the baby. Sorry your timing was so bad.

Alycia Lane, the Philadelphia anchor is a loser. When you're a TV anchor it's a bad thing to punch out a cop. It makes a great headline for newspaper guys who always want to make TV anchors out as idiots because, after all, it is idiotic to punch out a cop.

Lastly, Natalee Holloway and her mom Beth are losers. No fault of their own. It's just that it appears somebody got away with murder, and Natalee and her mom are highly unlikely to see any real justice here.

And that leads us to our big winners this week.

Joran, Deepak and Satish. Wow, talk about being off the hook. I don't know if they're guilty or not, but they sure look shady in this deal. Now they're free and will probably stay free.

The Dominguez family of Northern California are big winners. When people get lost in snowstorms in the Sierra Nevada Mountains the usual outcome is somebody finds their bodies in the spring when the snow melts. They were found alive and in good shape. Big, big good luck.

And Mike Huckabee is a big winner because he started the rush to say "Merry Christmas" from all the political candidates. I don't know if Huck should be president, but he got the author of "The War on Christmas" off the hook and so that makes him a winner in my book.

Those are your winners and losers on this Friday Finals. And may I say merry Christmas!

That's My Word.

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