Pop Tarts: Sweet Spears 16: Britney’s Sis Jamie Lynn Pregnant

While rumors are still running rampant that Britney is "expecting," there's talk now that she is not the only one. Her 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is getting ready for motherhood.

OK! Magazine has a six-page spread of Britney’s baby sister and mama, Lynne, which will slam and (no doubt) sell out on stands Wednesday.

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In an exclusive with the weekly, Jamie Lynn reportedly reveals that the father is her long-time lover, 19-year-old Casey Aldridge. The pair were recently sighted house-hunting in Valencia, Calif.

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According to TMZ, lil’ Spears didn’t even tell her older sis — but somehow we think she probably knows. Jamie Lynn is the star of Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101."

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Calls to her rep have not yet been returned.

A spokesperson from Nickelodeon released the following statement:

"We respect Jamie Lynn's decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn's well being."

Pop Tarts has been told Britney was spotted at shopping hotspot Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood Tuesday night; however, when asked about her feelings toward little Lynn's baby news, Spears was in denial.

"She just didn't seem at all fazed," an eyewitness inside the Lisa Kline boutique said. "She was happy and laughing; obviously, this was her way of handling it all."

CelebTV.com video shows Britney's reaction. Click here for CelebTV.com.

People Magazine also is reporting that the parenting guide mama, Lynne, was writing has been "indefinitely delayed." Gosh, we wonder why?

Pamela 'Twixed' Off: Anderson Angry With Mars Inc.

Pamela Anderson hasn't only been in a rough patch with her hubby, Rick "Paris Hilton Sex Tape" Salomon, she's also in conflict with confectionary connoisseur Mars Inc.

Mars is responsible for Mars Bars as well as Skittles, Twix, Snickers, Starburst and M&M's, a product Pammy endorsed earlier this year in a trip to Australia.

But now the popular PETA personality is bashing the candy company for funding and supporting what she says are inhumane and lethal experiments on animals.

Pop Tarts has obtained a copy of the fax Anderson sent last week to Mars President Paul S. Michaels, in which she states she was shocked when her friends at PETA showed her "evidence that Mars continues to fund cruel and pointless animal tests."

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"When I helped promote Mars' green M&M's last year, I had no idea that your company funded and supported hideous experiments that involved shoving feeding tubes down rats' throats for months, cramming mice into underwater chambers for hours, forcing mice to swim in pools of paint and water, cutting out rabbits' blood vessels to their hearts, surgically ripping open rats' legs to expose arteries and sticking needles into rats' hearts," Anderson writes.

According to the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, Mars Inc. has paid big bucks to conduct disgusting tests on rats, mice and guinea pigs at numerous colleges, including a current project at the University of California, San Francisco.

And while most of us probably wouldn't mind being force-fed chocolate, a PETA spokesperson told Pop Tarts the animals are seriously injured by the instruments and that such a practice is not a requirement of the American Food and Drug Association.

Anderson ends her letter to Mars by urging the company not to be "a grinch."

"Until you promise to end all support for animal experiments done for your ingredients, I'll be encouraging everyone I know to choose other candy, like Hershey's, this holiday season," she says.

Mars spokeswoman Alice Nathanson told Pop Tarts that Mars is "committed to the well-being of all animals."

"We treat animals in a caring and respectful way. In developing our food, pet care, snack and drinks products, we do not undertake, support or sponsor research involving euthanasia, vivisection or the suffering of any animal," she said.

That said, Nathanson said Mars does have a program called Symbioscience that uses rats and mice to develop "pharmaceutical and therapeutic food ingredients that have the potential to contribute significantly to human health and well-being and to alleviate or reverse existing medical conditions."

The University of California, San Francisco, confirmed in a statement that it was conducting a Mars-funded study of the potential health benefits of cocoa flavanols involving testing on rats.

"UCSF takes seriously the responsibility of working with animals and is committed to maintaining the highest standard of humane treatment in animal care and use," Clifford Roberts, interim associate vice chancellor for research, said in the statement.

Britney Hotel-less

Britney Spears normally bums several times a week at the five-star Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills — but it seems like she is going to have to find a new place to crash.

On Friday night, the "Crazy" crooner cruised up to the garage intercom but repeatedly was told she wasn't authorized to enter.

Despite her paparazzi pals pleading with staff to let Spears inside, the pop princess finally admitted defeat and drove away … but not before extending an invitation to the dozens of photogs to "party at her place."

Meanwhile, "American Idol" Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe told the press last week there is no way Spears will be slumming onto their set for the seventh season as a music mentor. According to the reality TV big wig, Brit simply isn't "well enough to do anything".

And the word on the TMZ street is that Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will cruise into court on Tuesday and push for the pop princess to be prevented from regaining any custody rights until she sits for her deposition. (Spears was supposed to do this last week; however, the stress of a courtroom appearance made her too sick to show up.)

If Kaplan has his way, though, the hearing won't happen until April — and we're not "fooling" you.

And even though she isn't able to sing Santa songs with her sons all day every day, Spears still is making sure her boys are Merry Musical.

Pop Tarts has heard a rumor that the rhythmic pro has placed an order for two miniature pianos for Sean Preston and Jayden James (each worth $350) to be left in what will have to be a super-sized stocking, y'all.

John Mayer Getting (a Lot) of Mental Help?

John Mayer's career couldn't be hitting a higher note. His song "Say" is on the soundtrack of the new Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman flick "The Bucket List," and he just got another Grammy nomination.

"My music keeps me busy, but so does my therapy sessions," Mayer told Pop Tarts last week. "I have nine shrinks."

Yeah, right — but when we talked to Mayer again at Sunday's "The Bucket List' premiere, he told us he had undergone an upgrade.

"Therapy is going well, I'm actually up to 11 now," he said. "Will that be a breaking FOX News alert?"

Hmm, we're pretty sure Mayer was pulling Pop Tarts' leg, but it is Hollywood, after all…

Video: Click here for more red carpet action.

Sashaying in his signature shades, Nicholson made many dreams come true as he spent ages signing autographs at the Hollywood premiere.

Meanwhile, Freeman might undergo some mind-blowing experiences in the movie from skydiving to car-racing to a trip into a tattoo parlor, but it turns out the Tinseltown veteran is a little more of a scaredy cat when the cameras aren't rolling.

"I like to think of myself as pretty adventurous, but I would never jump out of a plane," he said. "That is all too much."

And even though this is a far-cry from the flicks she is used to featuring in (we still wonder why she was there), former adult movie star Jenna Jameson also roamed the red carpet and revealed lots of new ink on her ankle … Only Pop Tarts popped the porn princess standing on the sidewalk just an hour after the screening started, hanging around at the after-party destination. We guess the comedy/drama just wasn't her style…

Christina Ricci on Her 'Balloon' Body

She may have played the siren on the "Opposite of Sex" and just wrapped "Speed Racer" alongside Matthew Fox and Emile Hirsch, but Christina Ricci hasn't always had such a great body.

"I was a teenager going through adolescence and at one point I had a little anorexia phase and then I kind of ballooned," Ricci recently told "Entertainment Tonight."

"I feel my body now is the adult Christina and it's what I should have come to a long time ago if I hadn't been screwing around with my body so much. You really have to make a decision in life that you're not going to be crippled by your insecurities."

But one thing (we hope) that will help Ricci deal with any of those "crippling insecurities" is her No. 2 spot in Film Stew's List of the Top Ten Femme Fatales.

Ricci was only surpassed by rising sensation Kerry Washington and even beat out the likes of Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder and Kate Winslet.

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