Delivery Truck Driver Finds Birth Mom at Cash Register

A 22-year-old delivery truck driver searched for his birth mother for years. Little did he know, she was just a few aisles away.

In 1985, Christine Tallady gave up her newborn son for adoption because she said she wasn't ready to be a mother.

More than 20 years later, Steve Flaig began his search, finding his birth mother's name through an open adoption record, according to a report in The Grand Rapids Press.

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Flaig discovered his birth mother's home address through an Internet search of her name. The search found an address less than a mile from the Lowe's store where he worked.

After telling his boss his birth mother's name, Flaig was stunned to realize it matched the name of the head cashier, it was reported.

Tallady said she hoped her son would want to find her, and often though of him, especially on his birthday.

Until last week, Tallady was Flaig's co-worker. Now she's his long-lost mother.

Over the past two months, "I would walk by her, look at her from a distance, not knowing how to approach her," Flaig told The Grand Rapids Press. "You don't come stocked with information on how to deal with this."

Last week, they met for the first time as mother and son.

"I have a complete family now, all my kids," Tallady said. "It's a perfect time of year. It's the best Christmas present ever."