Pop Tarts: Victoria's Secret Supermodels Reveal the Power of the Bra

You may think that the highest-paid supermodels in the world couldn't wish for a better body. But it turns out that even Victoria's Secret's lingerie ladies desire bigger busts — without the scalpel.

Adriana Lima leaves it to her bra to do the trick.

"I like to hook and unhook straps and I can do it 63 ways," Lima told Pop Tarts as we went holiday shopping on Hollywood and Highland. "It's a 100-way bra, so I still need to figure out the rest, but so far it's been pretty fun."

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And even though she's a fellow "Angel," Miranda Kerr still needs help getting her top half to "float."

"I'm really into air push-up bras, and you can't tell I'm wearing it," Kerr said. "And this one also has a smaller cup than the majority of the other bras, so you can wear it with low-cut tops … yes, cleavage! And just for the holiday season it has some extra lace and little bows and extra crystals."

So while Kerr insisted that every girl deserves a better boost from Santa Claus this Christmas, the dame from Down Under also says that "below" needs to be just as beautiful.

"Every girl should be treated to matching panties — or hipkinis, these little lace panties. Cute, comfortable, sexy, flirty, romantic, all of the above," she said. "Great for any woman, so boys, make sure you get some for your wives, sisters, girlfriends, lovers."

Hmmm, we wonder if this is a hint to Orlando Bloom (Kerr has been romantically linked to Bloom of late.)

And even though she is married, Marisa Miller still wants her stocking to be "intimate."

"I'll be asking for the Intimacy Slip, and it's good for the woman who doesn't want to show everything, but it's still extremely sexy," she said. "And hubby, if you are listening, I can always do with another 'It Bra.' Since I have so many functional bras, I think it's fun to get something a little sexier for a special occasion, and I like bright colors."

And while bust-boosting is still at the top of Izabel Goulart's wish list, she also wants makeup and a new pooch.

"I want for Christmas lots of lipsticks. I love them. My entire place has lipstick all over the place because I want kiss-ready lips," she said.

"And I want to get a dog for Christmas which I haven't had for so many years. And I'll encourage myself because I travel so much. But, I'm going to make time for a dog, and I really think a dog can change anyone's life."

Denzel and His Wife 'Debate'; Oprah Reminds Women How Far They've Come

There isn't much Denzel Washington doesn't say as the proud yet provoking teacher in his new self-directed flick "The Great Debaters," but he does know when to keep his mouth shut — and it just so happens to be when his wife is wandering about.

So who wins most of the "debates" that go on their pad?

"Ha, ha, ha come on. I'm smarter than that — depends on the subject," Washington told Pop Tarts at Tuesday's premiere.

But just as he was about to tell us if his fighting style involves screams or staying silent, a steely look from his leading lass caused him to be nice rather than naughty.

"Ha, Christmas is coming so I can't say … Christmas is coming, I have to stay on the good side" he said.

But another individual who caused even more rumblings on Sunset Strip was the film's producer: Oprah Winfrey. And the talk show host gave Pop Tarts a special serving of girl power that could even rival the Spice Girls.

"I'm very proud of how far we've come as women, and I think women just have to seize the time and the moment, but what is exciting to me is I think this generation particularly of young women often forget that it wasn't even 25 years ago where things were really, really, very different," she said.

"I remember in 1981 doing a speech at Goucher College talking about the inequity of salaries for women, and it was ridiculous how much money women were making in the most basic jobs compared to men and so in 25 years, 30 years it's been such miraculous changes."

And even someone as famous as Oprah knows she didn't earn that "O" factor without a little help.

"When I started it was so rare to have women even in television, and now it's just one of those things we take for granted," she said. "This movie reminds us all of where we've been and what the possibility is for where we can go, but also to remember that we didn't get here alone."

But even the biggest star in entertainment still isn't accustomed to the spotlight.

"Sometimes I'll see a magazine cover with myself on it and have to stand back and go, 'That's kind of weird.' There's your name, there's your picture, there's your thing because when you're working out of passion, when you're working out of what you believe, you're not thinking about what the world thinks of you," she said.

"Sometimes it catches me off guard I have to step back and see the big deal everybody makes about it, because I'm just doing what I'm doing and I would be doing that if I was the fourth grade teacher that I thought I was going to be."

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Delta Disaster: Backstreet Boy Bummed

The Backstreet Boys may have put on a mile-high performance Friday night at the Jingle Ball show in the Big Apple, but AJ had a rough ride back to his Hollywood home on Saturday when he spilled his Starbucks everywhere while boarding.

The crooner was obviously feeling cranky without his caffeine hit as he scoffed away at his sandwich.

"It's been a bad day so far, just as well I didn't spill my lunch too," the pop prince said. "Then I would have been real mad."

Meanwhile, AJ's bandmate Nick Carter took every opportunity to chat on his cell from takeoff to immediately after landing. Was it a special somebody?

Pop Tarts has been told that the boys will be up to some sins in Vegas over New Years as they "Rock Your Body" at the Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

But one bopper who won't be behaving badly (we hope) is Howie Dorough, who tied the knot just last week in his home base of Orlando to his longtime love Leigh Boniello.

The 34-year-old wed the real estate broker in a traditional white wedding that our spy says was "so incredibly sweet and perfect. All the boys were there supporting Howie on his big day." Awww.

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