Teacher Allergic to Fabric Softener, Tells Student to Sit Outside Classroom

An 8-year-old girl in England was made to sit outside her classroom on at least three occasions, because her teacher was allergic to the fabric softener on her clothes, The Daily Mail reported.

"It is terrible for my little girl because all the other children think it that Hope has been asked to sit outside because she smells funny," the girl's mother told The Daily Mail. "She has been in tears before school saying she doesn't want to go because she's being teased."

Hope Nichols' mother Sarahjane received a letter from the school asking her to change the brand of fabric softener she uses to wash her daughter's school uniform, The Daily Mail reported.

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She wrote back explaining the brand was the only one that didn't bother her daughter's eczema and dermatitis, the newspaper reported.

That letter was met with a request for a doctor's note proving Hope's condition.

"It's just totally bizarre," Sarahjane told The Daily Mail. "I've never heard anything like it in my life."