Should Government Tell You Not to Eat Fast Food?

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Los Angeles City Council members are going to ban fast-food restaurants in certain parts of south Los Angeles. The proposal has passed out of a committee and is going to the full City Council.

Councilwoman Jan Perry pushed for the ban in her district, saying: "We have a serious problem in my district with fast-food restaurants and the increasing level of obesity and diabetes."

South Los Angeles is a minority community so we would presume she is talking about constituents who are African-American and Hispanic. Blacks and Hispanics aren't the only fat people in this county by a long shot, but they appear to be singled out in Los Angeles, all in the name of good health.

Frankly, if I was being told my whole neighborhood is fat and the city needs to put all of us on a diet, I would be insulted and angry.

If I were a black member of that community I might want to know if white people in white neighborhoods are going to be told no more Big Macs, no more chicken nuggets. Or is the situation in Los Angeles simply that white neighborhoods have Big Macs and chicken nuggets in moderation and therefore their fast-food joints can stay? And if they're saying I'm too fat in my neighborhood so fast food has to go, what else is the City Council going to tell me I can't eat?

Evidently there is an opposite problem in Atlanta. Minority young men there are so skinny their pants are falling off, so the city is going to ban saggin' pants in all the schools. Maybe the skinny people in Atlanta with the saggin' pants should move to L.A., and the fat people in L.A can move to Atlanta and get skinny.

"Think outside the bun," "Run for the border," "We're lovin' it," and "Have it your way" — just not in Los Angeles, or at least not in south Los Angeles. However, when you go over to O.J.'s old neighborhood in lily-white Brentwood, go ahead and chow down. It appears to be legal there.

That's My Word.

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