Madeleine McCann Missing Posters Taken Down

Posters of missing Madeleine McCann have been taken down in the Portuguese town from where she disappeared.

Many shopkeepers, restaurateurs and hoteliers in Praia da Luz have pulled down pictures appealing for help in tracing the four-year-old.

The church where parents Kate and Gerry McCann prayed for their daughter's safe return is reported to no longer be displaying an appeal poster.

"It's not that the locals don't care about what happened but they just want to get the village back to how it was," one shopkeeper told the Daily Mail.

"It's so many months on now and when it happened it just ruled everything here. For the locals it just got a little too much."

Other residents said there was no point displaying the posters.

"It no longer makes sense to display symbols of a child's disappearance when the parents are suspects."

Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the McCanns, said the people of the holiday resort were still hoping for Madeleine's return.

"The people of Praia da Luz were incredibly supportive when Kate and Gerry were there and we believe that affection and support is still there," he said.

"They have nothing but fond memories and remain very grateful to the people of Praia da Luz for their help.

"They believe they would still do everything they can to help them in the hunt for Madeleine."