Doctors Make English Model New Ear From Rib Cartilage

Doctors were able to build an ear out the rib cage of an English model who was born with just a stump on the right side of her head, the Daily Mail reports.

Sasha Gardner, from the resort town of Bournemouth, said growing up she was often taunted about her disability by schoolmates who referred to her as "alien head" and "pizza ear."

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After she began modeling at age 20, Gardner, who has no auditory canal or inner ear on her right side, which makes it difficult for her to follow conversations, became more and more self-conscious of her missing ear.

Although she initially considered having a prosthetic ear placed on the right side, Dr. David Gault, a consultant plastic surgeon, told her he could make her a more natural ear using cartilage from her rib cartilage.

Gault, who has performed almost 700 reconstructive surgeries since 1989, did the operation at the Bishops Wood Hospital in Middlesex, U.K.