Cops: Would-Be NYC Juror Arrested With Sword-Cane

A man appearing for jury duty was arrested after security discovered that his cane concealed a 2 1/2-foot sword and 6-inch dagger, police said.

Vladislav Lisetskiy, 40, was arrested Monday at Brooklyn Supreme Court as he attempted to pass through security, police said.

Officers became suspicious even before the standard X-ray procedure.

"This one attracted attention because of the way it looked," said Maj. Luz Bryan, commander of courthouse police. "It had two metal bands. It's an indication that something is concealed. My officers noticed it right away."

"He kept saying that he didn't know it was illegal," Bryan said.

Lisetskiy was charged with misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon. State law prohibits concealed blades or knives.

The name of his attorney could not immediately be determined.