Report: British Man Accused of Faking Death Hid $400K to Build New Life

The Briton accused of faking his own death left a money trail of more than $400,000 to help rebuild a new life in Panama, officials say.

Authorities believe that John and his wife, Anne Darwin, hid away hundreds of thousands of dollars in offshore bank accounts, according to a report.

John Darwin, 57, appeared in court on Monday to face fraud charges for allegedly faking his own death in an insurance scam after turning up alive years after being declared dead in a canoe accident.

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Anne Darwin was arrested on suspicion of fraud. She invested in Jaguar Properties Corp. SA in August 2005, using that money to purchase a home in the Los Angeles area of Panama City, according to account records.

Darwin also used funds to purchase a 480-acre tropical site, where they planned to build their dream home.