Bickering Brother-Sister Team Lose Their Spot on `The Amazing Race' After Airport Flub

NEW YORK -- They lost their place in line -- and on "The Amazing Race."

Siblings Azaria and Hendekea Azene were eliminated from CBS' competitive reality series after furiously fumbling to find plane tickets at the Vilnius International Airport in Lithuania.

"We knew we needed tickets to Croatia, and we needed them fast," Azaria told The Associated Press during a telephone interview Monday.

The brother-sister team left a line of other competitors in search of a better route. Later, the Azenes were mistakenly issued business-class tickets by a travel agent, a no-no per rules of "The Amazing Race."

"We did talk with production and ask what was going to happen if we took this ticket," Azaria said. "Their response in Lithuania was basically, `What do the rules say?"'

"That's what they always say, `Read your Route Marker,"' Hendekea added.

In the airport, Azaria lashed out at his sister after his plan to abandon the line failed.

"I totally felt like the defenseless little lamb that was getting devoured by her big brother," Hendekea said. "It was kind of sad. I think, in this race, people assume roles. I know Azaria can be emotional and explosive. I felt for the sake of the team, instead of firing back and making it an unhealthy environment, I would let him do his thing."

"I have no defense," Azaria said. "Maybe my own ego got the best of me."

Although they came close while rowing boats during a Roadblock challenge, the Azenes weren't able to pass Donald Jerousek and Nicolas Fulks, the grandfather-grandson team ahead of them, once they arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

"Every team out there makes a mistake at some point or another during the race," says Hendekea. "The difference is the team that wins makes mistakes when it doesn't matter. We made a mistake when timing was critical, and we couldn't recover."

Five "Amazing Race" teams remain to vie for the 12th season's $1 million prize. CBS announced Monday that production has been greenlit for a 13th season of Emmy-winning reality series.