Washington Authorities End Search for Missing Snowboarders

The search has ended for three snowboarders who have been missing for more than a week in the back country near the Crystal Mountain ski area.

Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer says the three — 26-year-old Kevin Carter, 29-year-old Devlin Williams and 41-year-old Phillip Hollins — started their trip on Nov. 30, (a week ago yesterday), with plans to return home last Sunday.

The search began Monday in the remote area that is nearly a five-hour hike from Crystal Mountain ski area. Searchers continued looking through Saturday, but now the search has ended. Troyer says all of the search possibilities have been exhausted, and it's assumed the men have not survived.

Searchers found a makeshift camp Thursday but no sign of the three Seattle men. Troyer says snow slides were found in the region, but although at least one of the men was believed to be carrying a locator beacon, no signal was detected.