Mom and Pop Shock

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HEATHER NAUERT, CO-HOST: It's a big scandal tonight and it just keeps getting bigger. Imagine this, imagine seeing your father for the first time in five years after you thought that he was dead all that time. Next, imagine finding out that cops believe that your own dad staged his own death.

JOHN GIBSON, CO-HOST: And then imagine finding out mom was in on it, too! This is a harsh reality for the two sons of John and Ann Darwin and the sons are speaking out for the first time about their parents' ultimate betrayal. "Big Story" correspondent Douglas Kennedy has that story now.

DOUGLAS KENNEDY, BIG STORY CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, both sons released a statement today saying they are confused and angry with their parents. They say they had no idea their father was alive. And like everyone else, they want to know where he has been.


KENNEDY (voice-over): In just a few days, John Darwin has gone from miracle man to con man. And if British police have their way, he could very well become an imprisoned man for pretending to have amnesia and possibly faking his death five years ago.

DETECTIVE TONY HUTCHINSON, CLEVELAND, U.K. POLICE DEPARTMENT: Obviously, Mr. Darwin's reappearance has raised a lot of questions and created a lot of media interest. Without doubt, this is an unusual case.

KENNEDY: Particularly unusual because many members of Darwin's family continue to maintain they knew nothing about the apparent hoax, which may have involved Darwin faking a kayak accident in order to collect insurance money.

DARWIN'S FATHER: I can't believe that. No way.

KENNEDY (voice-over): And Darwin's father insists he is shocked by the alleged deception.

DARWIN'S FATHER: I'm amazed at this. I've always had faith in John turning up somehow, but not in these circumstances. I thought he would just like walk through the door.

KENNEDY (voice-over): One person who is not amazed is Darwin's wife who was pictured with her husband last year in Panama exposed the scam the two may have planned together, and for which Darwin has now been arrested. Ann Darwin has admitted to a British newspaper the picture is genuine, an admission that appears to have put she and her husband in an awkward position, vis-a-vis their two sons. In a joint statement released by police, 31-year-old Mark and 29-year-old Anthony said they were in an angry and confused state of mind. "If the paper's allegations of a confession from our mam are true, then we very much feel that we have been the victims in a large scam." Like many in Britain and around the world, both sons have expressed great joy that their father finally been found alive. And now, like many, they are simply left with a lot of questions. The statement goes on. "How could our mom continue to let us believe our dad had died when he was very much alive?


KENNEDY: The statement also says they have not spoken to either of their parents since their father's arrest. And says that at this point, they have no plans to, which, if they're telling the truth John and Heather is perfectly OK.

NAUERT: Douglas, what was this scam all about? We heard insurance money. How much did they get? Was this all about money?

KENNEDY: You know, they got about $800,000. Who knows what this was about. I mean people are really wondering —

GIBSON: Why did he come back? Why did he bother?

KENNEDY: That's the $64,000 question. I mean he had it made. He could have lived in Panama. Panama has no extradition treaty. Well they have an extradition but you don't have to pay your taxes there.

GIBSON: And lastly, are the sons telling the truth?

KENNEDY: The sons, one of the sons disappeared today. This was a very heartfelt statement they released, but who knows, you can't judge anything in this story.

NAUERT: One of the signs disappeared, wow!

GIBSON: Douglas Kennedy.

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