Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, our big winners and losers of the week chosen by me, Heather and the "Big Story" staff. First the losers.

The Omaha mall shooter. I won't even mention his name. He should be buried in a potter's field grave. No headstone, no name, and not mentioned again except to remind ourselves that he roasts in hell.

Barry Bonds has to be a loser. Look what denial got him. Yeah, he's a record holder, but he might have to accept his accolades in pinstripes. And shame on Major League Baseball for pretending the steroids problem doesn't exist.

Bonnie and Clyde, the rich kid losers have to make the list. They ripped people off on the Internet, and then gallivanted around the globe staying in fancy hotels and pretending they were something other than common crooks. But now it's jail, baby.

Speaking of which, John Darwin and his wife may be in the clink, too. He faked his own death, got his wife to lie to their kids that he was dead, all so he could spend the insurance loot. An episode from "The Simpsons" that's only funny as a cartoon.

Now to the big winners this week.

First up is Fred Thompson. He finally came on "The Big Story" Thursday and turned in a great performance. We like Fred, and he should come on again. We have more questions, and we're sure he has more answers.

Jenna Bush is a winner. What a look on her face when she called her dad from the guest chair on the "Ellen" show. "Daddy, is this OK?" Awww, major cute.

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is also a winner for his big religion speech. A lot of political analysts say he hit it out of the park. We'll see how it works out at the polls.

And finally, the big winner is Jennifer Love Hewitt, who posed in a size zero bikini with a size two rear end. Honest, she says she's size two. I know nothing about this, ladies, except I love it when a woman screams: "I am not fat."

That's this week's winners and losers.

That's My Word.

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