Clinton Hostage Suspect Waives Preliminary Hearing

The man accused of taking hostages at Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign office last week has waived a preliminary hearing.

That moves the case against Leeland Eisenberg, 46, from district to superior court, which has jurisdiction over the kidnapping and other charges, all felonies, against Eisenberg.

He is accused of taking six hostages — including an infant — at Clinton's storefront office on Nov. 30. He released half the hostages quickly and the others during the course of the afternoon before he surrendered.

His $500,000 bail remains unchanged under Rochester District Court Judge Daniel Cappiello's order, which was dated Thursday.

Eisenberg had been scheduled for a preliminary district court hearing on the evidence, called a probable cause hearing, next week. The waiver sends the case to Strafford County Superior Court in Dover, where prosecutors are expected to present it to a grand jury.

Details of charges sometimes emerge at probable cause hearings, but it is extremely rare for judges to dismiss cases at such hearings.