'Tila Tequila' Makes Star Out of 'Futch' Lesbian Firefighter

MTV's cringe-inducing, bisexual dating show, "Shot at Love with Tila Tequila," has created an unlikely star — Dani Campbell, a lesbian firefighter from Florida.

The 29-year-old has even created a new word to describe her style, "futch" (pronounced "footch").

Neither feminine nor butch, she says she's somewhere in between, and created the mashed-up word to get her point across.

And it's caught on with fans. Campbell is even designing a clothing line, called Futch.

"In today's world, it's just a way for people to identify themselves," Campbell says of the label she uses to describe her sexuality. "Society still seems to need that for some reason."

This week, fans of the bizarre dating show discovered that Campbell is in the final two, vying for the affections of Internet star and glamour girl Tila Tequila (whose real name is Tila Nguyen), 26. Campbell's rival is a guy, Bobby Banhart, 25, from Worcester, NY. The finale of "Shot" airs Dec. 18.

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