Do Celebrities Truly Have a Real Purpose in Life?

So Brad Pitt is building environmentally sound houses in a part of New Orleans ruined by Hurricane Katrina. He calls it the "Make It Right" project and he wants you to give cash. Each home costs $150,000 and will be built on stilts as a precaution against flooding — or worse: Harry Connick Jr.

At first I was for this, because anything that keeps Brad from acting is okay by me. But when Brad described the venture as "part art installation, part act of social disobedience," I realized this is less about helping the poor and more about making Brad feel good about himself.

That's the funny thing about stars: Even though they're more famous than the rest of us, they still feel that they aren't being noticed for who they really are.

See, stars really just want to convince other celebs that they have a real purpose in life. Hence, they build flimsy, symbolic sheds.

For that reason, I'm more of a fan of actors who prefer to do their part for humanity quietly and without fanfare. I am talking, of course, about Joyce DeWitt, AKA Janet on "Three's Company." So many laughs, so few nightshirts.

And that's my gut feeling!

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