Pop Tarts: Jennifer Garner Missed Out on Sex Education

It's no secret that Jennifer Garner is an extremely witty woman who snagged one of Hollywood's hottest guys (Ben Affleck) and adds value to her screen status with every project she pursues.

However, one thing Jen never got is sex education.

"I don't specifically remember any awkward sex education moments in my teens," Garner told FOX Monday at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film "Juno." "I don't even remember if we had sex ed. My school might have been too conservative."

So what attracted the "Alias" alumna to "Juno," a movie that deals with a teenage girl getting pregnant?

"Diablo [Cody]'s writing — everything about it, the way she constructed characters and that all the characters were so full and of course the kind of snappy dialogue and the story," she said. "I love the heart in the story."

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But it turns out Jen wasn't alone in terms of education deprivation — her co-star Jason Bateman still doesn't know how he came about.

"We didn't have sex education in junior high. Yeah, we had like shop class and P.E.," he told us. "Maybe I was in a weird school. What is sex? What are you talking about? I missed that class. Sounds like I was in the wrong school. I would've liked to have had one."

And 20-year-old Ellen Page said so many of her friends also found this kind of talk to be taboo.

"Sex ed was very awkward, which is unfortunate for so many people; it'd be nice if we could be more open and just talk about everything," Page said. "But I was lucky in high school. I went to a Buddhist high school and health class was very open. It was incredible."

So while Mrs. Affleck, Bateman and Page's pals were all banned from the "birds and the bees" banter, "American Beauty" co-star Allison Janney remembers things all too well.

"Oh yes, the teacher with the thick glasses who told us that it hurt for the women but was pleasuring for the man," she said. "I took Bio 450, we called it, and it was sex-ed class and it was all about birth control and we would have to have mock conversations and role-play dating situations."

Tara Reid Hosts 'Hooker Party' Down Under

Trainwreck Tara Reid may have lost her class in the eyes of Los Angeles, but it seems she's even falling from fame Down Under.

The "American Pie" princess turned into a "prostitute" for a night last week while hosting a "Hooker Party" in the Australian outback. Our sources said that Reid romped into the wee hours alongside shirtless cowboys, blown-up condoms and even more bottled blondes. …

And to make matters worse in terms of her quick dash for some Aussie cash, apparently Tara had to drop her "appearance" fee by $10,000 (to $25,000) as Sydney hotspots just wouldn't fork over as much money as she wanted. And one beautiful bar in famed Bondi Beach even banned the blonde altogether.

"Tara was originally in talks to host the opening of a new bar called Drift," our snitch said. "But the gig was pulled because management didn't feel that she embodied the upper-class image of the venue."

However, the "Band Camp" buddy was still happy to serve as the face of an ad campaign for an Aussie cut-price phone and Internet provider Dodo.

What the ... ?! Britney Prioritizes Parenting Over Hanging in Hollywood

Not a day (or night) goes by without Britney news. This time it turns out that the songstress reportedly almost flushed half a million dollars of her record label's money when she decided she didn't feel like making her own music video.

According to the New York Post's Page Six gossip column, Brit was booked to strut her stuff at Hollywood hotspot Social for the "Piece of Me" shoot. But after 12 hours had passed by (and no Spears in sight), the pop princess was told by Jive Records that her slot would be handed to another of their artists, up-and-coming Samantha Jade, to avoid wasting money and resources.

However, the mere idea that Britney could and would be replaced was enough motivation to get her movin' and back to work.

But let's not blame Brit for the bust-up — our snitch insists that she was actually putting her parenting obligations first, y'all.

"As it stood in the schedule, Britney had to look after kids that day and was having problems shifting things around," our source said. "It was a pretty stressful time and she didn't want to pass up the chance to see her sons."

Pop Tarts' Oscars Pick

He himself might not be a Pop Tart, but the real-life battles endured by Vietnam War veteran and creator of the Americans With Disabilities Act Richard Pimentel have made their way to the big screen as the basis for our favorite film so far this year: "Music Within."

"The way society works is we embrace those people who serve for our country, we say 'Hey, thanks for going over there, thanks for doing that,' but then we plug 'em back in when they return," Ron Livingston, star of "Music Within," told us. "We forget that this person is not the same person physically or mentally that we knew before they left."

And although his character has cerebral palsy and his name is Artie, Michael Sheen is not to be confused with Leonardo DiCaprio in "This Boy's Life." But like Leonardo, his performance is a timeless work of art.

"It was a life-changing experience playing a character like Art," Sheen said. "But when we filmed in Portland I got to hang out with Art [the real person he plays in the film], the whole time and that changed my life really.

"Up until that point I hadn't spent time with anyone who was living with a major disability and really had to confront any of my own prejudices or ignorances with that — and suddenly here I am," he continued.

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And from battling blood-suckers alongside Josh Hartnett in "30 Days of Night", co-star Melissa George has found another cause to fight for. …

"I hope it changes everyone's minds out there to treat people with disabilities with a bit more respect," she said. "We are all handicapped in some way; we all have things in life that hold us back in some way. People who have physical or mental disabilities are no different to the rest of us."

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Hollie McKay has a been a Fox News Digital staff reporter since 2007. She has extensively reported from war zones including Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Burma and investigates global conflicts, war crimes and terrorism around the world. Follow her on twitter and Instagram @holliesmckay