Report: 'Knots Landing' Star Joan Van Ark Trying to Hide Cosmetic Surgery

"Knots Landing" actress Joan Van Ark, at a recent Hollywood benefit, appeared to be using makeup to conceal what looked like several cosmetic surgeries gone wrong, the Daily Mail reported.

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Van Ark, 64, was seen wearing mask-like makeup which failed to hide the fact that she appeared to have been under the surgeon's knife, the paper said.

The actress also donned painted-on eyebrows and heavy eye makeup which failed to conceal her blotchy skin. She seemed to wear no lipstick on her highly plumped lips.

Ironically, Van Ark filmed a guest appearance on the plastic surgery-based drama "Nip/Tuck," for which an insider claimed the actress required hours of hair and makeup preparation and "only consumed several glasses of water with honey and one banana — all day," the Daily Mail reported.

It also took four hours to set up the lighting to Van Ark's "complete satisfaction," the Daily Mail reported.