Report: Heather Mills Stripped for Hardcore Photo Shoot

Heather Mills left nothing to the imagination in a hardcore photo shoot taken before she lost her leg in a 1993 road accident, according to the British News of the World.

In photos obtained by the paper, Mills squeezes into a red lace teddy with matching stockings, exposing her breasts and splaying her legs in a classic porn magazine pose.

In another shot she writhes without underwear on a white quilted bed, cupping her naked breasts.

Across the pages of the smutty magazine, Heather boasts: "I'm gonna drive you crazy with my body." Yet just a month ago, the estranged wife of Beatles legend Paul McCartney went on GMTV and ranted hysterically that newspaper stories about her porn past were untrue.

Heather, 39, cried and said: "They eliminate the whole 20 years of my life of campaigning and put in things like ‘hardcore porn queen.'"

McCartney and Mills are currently in the midst of a messy divorce, with millions of dollars at stake.

Last year, Mills adamantly denied ever being involved in porn after lurid shots emerged of her posing in a German sex book. "Die Freuden Der Liebe" (The Joys Of Love) — shot in 1988 —featured her naked, performing a sex act on a nude male porn star.

Mills tried to play down the filthy book as a "sex educational manual."

A source told the News of the World: "Paul has tried to give Heather the benefit of the doubt for the sake of their daughter Beatrice. Now these pictures have surfaced, it's impossible."

Meanwhile, News of the World reports that Mills is looking to be photographed with a man to get back at McCartney, who was recently seen canoodling with "Pulp Fiction" star Rosanna Arquette in London.

"Heather saw pictures of Paul strolling with Rosanna and it made her stomach roll," a source close to Mills told the paper. "Now she wants to orchestrate a similar set of pictures to get Paul back. That means picking someone who will make a good photo opportunity. Heather went out and bought magazines to see who's hitting the headlines and has been making a list of her favorites."