'FOX & Friends' Fights to Save Dog From Death

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A wide swath was cut today on "FOX & Friends" as we tried to save a German shepherd from death and make sense of a National Intelligence Estimate report about Iran.

Congo the dog is alive at this hour and you’ll see more about him tomorrow. As for the NIE, not sure how another country can conceal a program from inspections, flaunt their burgeoning nuclear power and not have any intention of making and using a nuclear weapon. That’s exactly what 16 U.S. intel agencies concluded. I am sure we will hear more in the coming weeks.

The No. 1 story remains politics and the two front-runners, Hillary and Rudy, have seen a daily erosion of their lead nationally and in certain states. Finally Iowa and New Hampshire are too close to ignore. And just think: We’ll have two clear nominees by spring time. At least that’s what logic tells us but nothing about this race has been logical to date, just ask Mike Huckabee. He is the emerging star on the landscape. Let's see if he gets to sustain it.

It was also great to see supermodel Petra Nemcova and her calendar. This year you can actually read the days and weeks, therefore it’s functional and charitable.

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