Meet the Only Man on Campus, Among 2,300 Women

He's the only man on campus.

Wellesley College's all-female world is hosting Mohammad Usman, 19, for a semester-long program, making him the only male student among 2,300 females.

"I thought it would be really fascinating to be the only male at an all-women's college," Usman, a government and geography student at Dartmouth, told the Boston Globe.

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Usman, who says he doesn't have a girlfriend, lives in a dormitory on campus with a private bathroom.

"A lot of people don't know his name, really," Johanna Peace, a Wellesley junior, told the Boston Globe. "They're aware that there's a boy on campus. And if they see him, they'll say, 'Oh — there's the boy.'"

Wellesley College isn't changing it's ways to allow men to become full-time students. Usman, who grew up in Bronx, N.Y., is at Wellesley on a semester-long exchange program

Students can apply to spend a semester at another school under an agreement among 11 New England institutions.

Usman's parents, who dropped him off on campus, didn't know their son was going to be the only male on campus. Even campus police questioned if he was a student.

"This is a women's college," said Wilbur Rich, a political science professor at Wellesley, who is teaching Usman. "There's no doubt in anybody's mind what's going on here. This is an institution for women. But men are welcome. If you don't mind being around very, very bright women, it's no problem."