Man Dragged by Fleeing Vehicle After Vandals Destroy Christmas Decorations

A Chicago man was dragged by a car fleeing his yard after vandals destroyed his outdoor Christmas display.

Phillip O'Brill of Hoffman Estates, Ill., ran outside to find out what the commotion was about and confronted vandals ripping apart his lights and decorations, the Chicago Tribune reports.

"There was about seven or eight boys just absolutely destroying our Christmas decorations," O'Brill told the Chicago Tribune. "Just stomping, ripping and breaking them to pieces."

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O'Brill stood in front of one of the vehicles carrying the vandals but his hand got caught in the windshield wiper and his left foot was run over. He is recovering from his injuries.

The yard display, decorating his lawn for 17 years, has won neighborhood awards, O'Brill said.

Neighbors plan to help O'Brill restore his display.