Family Sues Amtrak, Norfolk Southern Railroads After Chicago Train Collision

A family filed a lawsuit Monday against Amtrak and Norfolk Southern railorads after being injured in a train collision on the city's South Side.

John and Marcia Hamstra of Grandville, Mich., along with their daughter-in-law and grandchildren, are seeking damages from the railroads. The sum they are seeking hasn't been finalized.

Their attorneys contend the railroads were negligent during the accident, which injured dozens aboard the train Friday traveling to Chicago from Grand Rapids, Mich.

It was not clear what injuries members of the Hamstra family suffered.

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Amtrak and Norfolk Southern Corporation spokesmen declined to comment.

Federal investigators say the train was speeding moments before it hit the stationary freight train.

Most of the 187 passengers on board the Amtrak train walked away without major injuries from the impact, which catapulted people from their seats.

The accident sent 71 people to hospitals. Three people — one Amtrak crew member and two passengers — were hospitalized overnight and released Saturday. The two workers aboard the Norfolk Southern Freight train were unhurt.