70-Million-Year-Old Sea-Serpent Fossil For Sale

The bones of a 30-foot fossilized lizard that ruled the oceans some 70 million years ago are up for sale in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The sale of the Mosasaurus baugei, or Meuse lizard, is expected to bring as much as $400,000 according to the auction house, Bonhams & Butterfields in Los Angeles.

The three-dimensionally mounted skeleton is a remarkable example of undersea life in the age of dinosaurs, and is one of only a very few to have been found.

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The mosasaur had a huge skull measuring more than a yard wide, together with 126 vertebrae and a massive girdle.

It was found in a mining area of North Africa — but gets its name from the Meuse River in Holland where the first mosasaur was discovered in 1780.

The Bonhams sale catalog says the mosasaur was a swift and graceful predator that dined on fish, turtles, mollusks and shellfish.

The auction house also warns prospective purchasers that they will need to make special arrangements to get the huge skeleton delivered.