Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, our list of winners and losers of the week, as chosen by me, Heather and the rest of the "Big Story" staff. First the losers.

Drew Peterson has to take the loser of the week. The trail leads back to him wherever you look. And the whole business that he had someone haul a blue barrel out of his bedroom is the capper for me.

Bill Clinton is another big loser. He was doing so well, and then he said that he was against the war when there are a pile of quotes and recordings of him supporting President Bush and his wife's vote to authorize the war.

CNN and Anderson Cooper have to be the most embarrassed losers this week. How can debate organizers not know who they are handing a microphone to let them ask the Republicans for president a question? When a Hillary voter gets through, you know something is very fishy.

John Edwards is a loser, too. He said Republicans were afraid of questions from Democrats. Can you believe that? This is a guy who is afraid of questions from FOX and will not appear in a FOX debate. I believe the word is hypocrite.

Now to this week's biggest winners and the reasons why.

Iraq is a winner. There's Geraldo romping through the streets of Baghdad, buying rugs and playing soccer with kids. And even John Murtha says the surge is working. Congratulations to the Iraqis and the American troops.

Miss Puerto Rico is a winner. They pepper-sprayed her gowns and her make-up, she broke out in hives, and was still beautiful enough and poised enough to win. Congrats to her, too.

And the last big winners are "The Big Story" senior producer and show producer, who are both pregnant. Nina Bradley and Michelle May will both add to the "Big Story" family in the spring and we are thrilled.

Those are your big winners and losers of the week.

That's My Word.

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