Manufacturer: New CT Scan Offers 3D Images of Organs With 80 Percent Less Radiation Than Traditional Scanners

The manufacturer of a new CT scan says the machine can capture remarkable pictures of the human skeleton and internal organs while minimizing the patient’s exposure to radiation.

The Brilliance iCT scanner, which was launched Sunday at a Chicago medical conference by the technology company Philips Medical Systems, can provide clear and detailed three-dimensional images of internal organs, while reducing scanning time, according to company executives.

The new scanner is so fast that it can capture an image of the heart in the time it takes the organ to beat just twice. It takes large numbers of X-rays and feeds them into a computer, which produces an image that can be rotated and viewed from different directions. Cross-sections through the part of the body being scanned help produce the final image, company officials said during a conference of the Radiological Society of North America.

Evidence also suggests that it reduces the dose of radiation received by a patient by up to 80 percent, compared with existing scanners.

Steve Rusckowski, chief executive of Philips Medical Systems, said that the scanner was “specifically designed to make the job of the clinicians easier and improve the experience of the patient."

He added: “We are seeking to make a difference in how radiologists can prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor disease and allow them to focus more on their patients.”

The cost of the machine was not disclosed.