Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, the week's big winners and losers as chosen by me, Heather and the "Big Story" staff. The losers first.

Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is a big loser for publicly throwing over the American dollar in favor of more highly valued foreign currencies. Jay-Z earned his millions in dollars so he should be loyal to the dollar. Otherwise, homey, go spend your euros in France.

O.J. is a huge loser. Yes, the witnesses against him are creeps and liars, but there are lots of people in jail for a very long time on the word of people even worse. Even a liar sometimes tells the truth, and that fact may doom O.J.

Barry Bonds is a loser. When faced with the choice, tell the truth — and get immunity from prosecution — or lie — and maybe get away with it — he took the chance and lost. Now the Hall of Fame is gone, and he may go to jail for lying.

Prince Harry is a loser. His girlfriend dumped him because he was cheating on her and she caught him. She's a nice girl, but he's a young man and it takes a while for them to learn, even if they are royals.

Now this week's winners and the reasons why.

First, Prince Harry's former girlfriend Chelsy Davy, who put the dumperoo on the bad boy brother of the future king of England. She should get away from that family fast. Too many headlines, too little good news.

Also a winner is Spain's king Juan Carlos. He told Hugo Chavez to shut up. Hugo never hears that anymore because if it's not a king who says it, he thinks about having that person shot, or run over, and most often they just get locked up.

NBC News is a winner for admitting the surge is working. It's a little embarrassing because a sportscaster over there keeps demanding the president be jailed because the surge isn't working. Now let's see: Who's more believable: the sportscaster or NBC News war correspondents? Hmm.

Finally, Hillary is a winner for making John Edwards a loser in the last debate. With any luck it's the last we'll see of him.

And that's the Friday Finals, the winners and loser of the week.

That's My Word.

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