Chinese Docs Say They've Developed 'Sperm Filter' Birth Control Technique

Chinese doctors have developed a new technique in birth control surgery for men that could be made available to the public next year, the China Daily said Thursday.

The method involves making a small incision along the testicle into which doctors place a tiny tube.

"The tube functions as a filter that blocks sperm," Wu Weixiong, the director of Guangzhou Family Planning Technology Centre, was quoted as saying.

The technique, which is reversible by simply taking out the tube, has been patented and the health department would promote it as soon as it is approved by the National Food and Drug Administration, said Zhu Jiaming, the vice-president of the Guangzhou Sexology Association.

"The success rate for this form of birth control is 97 percent," he said.

Wu said the operation took just 10 minutes.

"However, it is very difficult and requires highly skilled doctors," the newspaper said.