Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, our list of winners and losers of the week, as chosen by me, Heather and the "Big Story" staff. First the losers.

The obvious biggest loser this week is accused Sgt. Drew Peterson. If you get away with murdering one wife, does it make sense to tempt fate by murdering another? I'm not saying he did. Just asking.

O.J. has to be a huge loser. If his lawyer cannot shake the testimony of a witness who says O.J. said, "You bring the guns," then the "Juice" is finally toast.

Rosie's a loser. She was teed up to be a MSNBC pundit. It would have been great. One sportscaster posing as a NBC pundit demanding the president resign, and a lesbian comedian posing as a NBC pundit who thinks Bush planned 9/11. Sportscasters and comedians outrank experienced newspeople at NBC News it appears.

The last big loser has to be Heather Mills. Paul McCartney's got a new girlfriend who doesn't go on TV and doesn't rant in nonsensical shrieks. Word to Paul: Good riddance.

Now our winners of the week and why.

First is Sen. Joe Lieberman for correctly assessing the war in Iraq. It's working, and it's good. Way to go, Joe.

French President Sarkozy is a winner. He charmed the U.S., kissed the first lady's hand, said he is America's friend. OK, the French bashing is off. We love Sarko.

Oprah appears to be a winner, but we'll have to see if it holds. It looks like she has weathered the sex abuse arrests at her girls school in Africa. I bet they do better background checks now.

That is your Friday Finals, the week's winners and losers.

That's My Word.

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