Pop Tarts: Exclusive: Mama Lynne Made Britney Bare Thong?

As pleased as we are that Britney Spears finally has flocked back into her mother's arms, Pop Tarts has learned that Brit’s endless bouts of panty-free partying may have had parental inspiration.

We have been told exclusively that when the pop princess was top at absolutely everything pop some three years ago, she attended New York Fashion Week and was a granted a glamorous gown from Yves Saint Laurent for a photo shoot.

"Britney looked beautiful and the dress was amazing, but when she came under the studio lights it was totally see-through and you could clearly see her barely-there thong," our inside source said.

"We all advised her against the look, but as she wandered off to wardrobe to try something else, her mom came storming in and demanded that Britney keep it as this was 'the look they wanted.' Everyone was shocked."

But Sloane Veshinski, a family and relationship therapist who does not treat Spears, is not surprised that Britney's mother may have wanted to sex up her image.

"It has long been believed that in order to get ahead in the entertainment industry you had to be willing to bare your assets, regardless of your level of skill or talent. Britney has built her reputation on not only her ability as a singer but also her desire or belief in a need to sexualize her image in an effort to set her apart from the other entertainers in her age bracket," she said.

"Britney's mother's reported insistence only emphasized for her the need for her to be overtly sexual in order to be successful. Girls look to their mothers for direction, and in this case, her mother made a decision that may have laid a path that she is still following today."

Meanwhile, in the new issue of Life & Style Weekly magazine, Lynne Spears say she's responsible for Britney's troubles.

"I blame myself," she says. "What mother wouldn't?" "I wish I'd been there more while she was touring. But I couldn't be. I had the other kids to look after.

"I didn't raise my children to have Hollywood careers," she continues. "This all just exploded in my face, and big dreams became big headaches," says Spears, who recently reconciled with her 25-year-old daughter after a period of estrangement.

And even though the "Crazy" crooner isn’t parading her privates on the cover of her new album, "Blackout," Pop Tarts has discovered that she initially had another breast-baring idea.

"Britney’s brainwave was to have a shot where she is topless and male hands come from behind her to cover," our snitch added. "But she was really upset when she [was] told it wouldn’t work, as Janet Jackson already made this pose famous on the cover of 'Janet' 14 years ago."

So instead, Spears was shot in a pool at The Palms, using her own hands to cover her breasts — but not before she exposed much more for the crew.

"Britney stripped down in front of everyone before the shoot; she was near-naked standing in front of everyone," the source said. "And needless to say, the snaps definitely weren’t the best and didn’t make the album cover."

But it seems Spears is determined to get herself back to the "Lucky" days of looking lush with lots of tanning. According to Us Weekly, the Britster was so determined on Saturday not to miss a minute in the bronzing bed that she parked her banged-up Benz in a disabled car space while she soaked in the "Toxins" at Tanning Plus in Studio City, Calif.

Avril Lavigne May Be Married but Now Has Another Big Announcement…

We don’t know where Avril Lavigne has been hiding since she found her hubby, Deryck Whibley, (other than hanging out with Britney), but it seems the "Complicated" crooner is happy to be breaking free.

Pop Tarts was invited to an intimate acoustic performance by Avril on Tuesday, where she also announced that she’s hitting the road early next year.

"I’m really excited for 'The Best Damn Tour' — I finally get to go out," Lavigne said. "It’s been about a year of promo this year, a lot of hard work, so I’m just excited to go out and to play live and perform."

And even though she’s been on the buddy-ship with Britney (the duo has been popped partying together quite a bit of late), Lavigne insists she still is a rockin’ role model.

"I guess it comes with what I do and I feel like I’m a strong person and I stand up for what I believe in," she said. "I have younger fans looking up to me and being a role model to them is such an honor. I try to be a positive person and do my best."

Click Here to Watch Avril Lavigne in a Special Acoustic Performance

Vince Vaughn 'Naughty' in a 'Nice' Way; Attacks 'Mean Girls'

Vince Vaughn may be playing Santa's older brother in the new holiday film "Fred Claus," but that doesn’t mean the comely comedian was always good for goodness' sake.

"I was naughty, but in a nice way, and I always had a sense of humor. I liked to joke around and have fun, so I'd always make jokes a lot and cut up in class. You know, try to have fun. I wasn't real serious with school and that stuff, and so, yeah, I was probably a naughty kid," he told FOX while discussing his jolly ol’ role.

"But I never was a mean kid; I never liked bullies and I got along with everybody, but I liked to mess around with people a lot," he added.

And while Vaughn says he never was mean, he does launch a little attack on "Mean Girls."

"Nothing's meaner than a 13-year-old girl. Have you seen that movie 'Mean Girls'? I'm serious. You gotta go rent that thing — gets pretty scary in the suburbs when that starts to happen. Now my sisters were five and six years older than me, so as the youngest you always want to be included. So they play Monopoly and they don't want to play Monopoly with a 5-year-old because they are 10 or 11."

But that wasn’t the only childhood experience that has left the "Wedding Crasher" crushed.

"I was 6 years old. These two guys that lived next door said to me, 'You know there's not a Santa Claus, Vince, right?' And, of course, you want to cover at that age, you don't want to look foolish, so I'm like, 'Course I know there's not a Santa Claus,' but I was mortified," he admitted.

"I was devastated for days and my sisters were so worried that we would stop getting gifts now."

And even though the grown-up Vaughn only gets "socks" in his stockings these days, he still "lives vicariously" through his nephew and nieces when they open their toys — but that doesn’t mean he is planning on being a daddy himself anytime soon.

"At this point, this old show pony's committed to his craft … and to cookies," he said. "You put some cookies in front of a Christmas tree, you have some pretty lights on, you got some fancy camera shootin', someone yelling 'Action!' — I'm gonna take some cookies down, I'm gonna eat them and I'm not gonna eat a little bit of them, I'm gonna eat the whole thing. Why? I'm a slave to my craft, that's why. Cookies and my craft is the focus right now."

Kidman: 'I'm All Natural'

In a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, screen starlet Nicole Kidman swears she has never touched her sensational skin with surgery.

"To be honest, I am completely natural," Kidman told the mag. "I have nothing in my face or anything. I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself. And I’m very proud to say that."

Hmmm … we didn’t know it was possible to go from a freckle-faced redhead to a porcelain-perfect princess just by banning sun and cigs.

Click to See Kidman in Her Younger Days

But we aren't ready to roar "Medical Breakthrough" just yet. An insider in Sydney's surgery world tells Pop Tarts that Kidman reportedly has had repeated chemical peels in the past.

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