Greedy Supermodel Gisele Bundchen

Reason No. 853 to dislike supermodels: Not only are they vapid, self-important amazons, but it seems they are greedy, too.

Take the world's richest catwalker, Gisele Bundchen, perhaps best known for her Victoria's Secret work. She is worth an estimated $150 million and she's just 27 years old! According to Forbes, she raked in $33 million last year through fees and endorsements.

The Brazilian beauty has signed a contract with American company Procter & Gamble to endorse its Pantene line of hair care products. Here's the kicker: She is asking to be paid for her hard work in euros, not dollars.

According to Bloomberg, Gisele's sister and manager said that contracts are more attractive when they offer euros because the dollar's future is uncertain.

The dollar has declined 34 percent in the past 6 years and the euro is stronger. Economists predict that the dollar will continue to weaken. Smart move financially, say experts, but bad PR move, especially when she's working for an American company.

I'm all for people earning money, but here's what gets me: She is working for an American company selling an American product. She has at least one home in America (in New York). She is working here, yet she doesn't want to be paid in our currency.

Gisele's agent told Bloomberg: "Gisele has contracts in dollars. When she works in Europe she gets paid in euros. When she works in the U.S. she gets paid in dollars."

So why doesn't Procter & Gamble insist that they pay her in dollars? Who knows. Maybe they don't want to risk losing her.

I know when I see the new hair care ads, I'll think about greedy Gisele, not how great Pantene makes her hair look.

I say P&G should dump Gisele and instead hire an American model who appreciates the Ohio-based company's business and is happy to take our currency. I'm sure an American model's hair is just as nice.

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