What Happened to Wholesome Halloween Costumes for Kids?

Spiderman was my favorite character to dress as for Halloween. It didn't matter if I was 5 or 10 years old. I loved Spidey (and still do). Many of my more girly friends went as Snow White or Red Riding Hood. When we became teenagers and outgrew our favorite characters, we went as football players (in an older brother's uniform), referees, M&M candies or a mummy.

Unfortunately, the mummy costumes worn by many young girls today are "Yummy Mummies," a sensual twist on the old theme. Girls show their midriffs and wear make-up. Wonder Woman has been replaced by "Sexy Supergirl" and the sports referee is now "Playboy Racy Referee."

This is no joke. Ask any mother and they're likely to tell you that many young girls are asking for bratty, sexy, vampy costumes with corsets, short skirts and fishnet stockings.

I'm not talking about 18-year-old girls (sure, they do it.) Ever see the tabloids around Halloween time? Paris Hilton, the dirty cop. Lindsay Lohan, the hot firefighter. I am talking about girls as young as 8 years old who want to go as a luscious French Maid.

A friend is outfitting her 8-year-old daughter in a pink-and-white striped prison uniform. On her chest is a patch that reads "Miss Behaved." It comes with fishnet stockings and pink handcuffs. I told her I thought it was too suggestive. She said that's what kids are wearing.

She's right. Lots of girls are wearing these racy outfits. Take a look at the popular costume Web site partycity.com. It seems that there are few age-appropriate outfits for girls. There's Hollywood Starlet, the Gothic Geisha girl and Devilicious, a costume with tail, horns and a belly shirt. It's JonBenet Ramsey meets Anna Nicole Smith.

Some moms I spoke to say that once their kids outgrow Disney characters it is hard to find ready-made costumes that are wholesome, but big chain stores offer tamer fare.

Maybe we should go back to simpler times when we made our own costumes. I doubt many moms would be sewing their daughter a corset.

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