Report: Catholic Leader Upset About Sexy Priest Photos in New Britney Spears Album

Photos included in Britney Spears' new album that show the singer sitting on a priest's lap while showing a lot of leg and leaning seductively against a church confessional have sparked outrage among Catholic leaders, the New York Daily News reported.

Bill Donohue, president of the New York-based Catholic League, said the pictures in Spears' new dance album "Blackout," which hit stores Tuesday, are a "bottom of the barrel" stunt.

"This is all the puzzle pieces coming together. This girl is crashing," said Donohue. "She's not even allowed to bring up her own kids because she's not responsible enough. Now we see she can't even entertain."

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Spears, who was raised as a Christian but has dabbled in other religions, wears a cross in the photos.

The possibly budding controversy recalls the one ignited by Spears' former mentor Madonna in 1989 with the release of her album “Like a Prayer.”

The video for the album's title song, “Like a Prayer,” included a plethora of religious symbolism combined with sexual innuendo, and ignited fierce opposition from Catholic groups.

Meanwhile, the judge who stripped Spears of all but monitored visitation with her two baby boys after calling her a "habitual" user of drugs and alcohol is expected to issue new custody orders Tuesday.