Pop Tarts: Exclusive: Victoria Beckham Tries to Barter Near-Nude Snaps

She might be a multimillion-dollar music mogul married to the world’s sexiest sports star, but it seems Victoria Beckham still likes to barter for a bargain, even if it means having super steamy snaps of her and her hubby on public parade.

Pop Tarts perused and partied with Posh last week at Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen’s star-studded book launch at movie/music memorabilia hotspot “The Celebrity Vault,” but it turns out the almost-retired teeny bopper was so desperate to take home an original portrait of a nude Marilyn Monroe caressing roses that she even gambled to give her goodies away.

“Victoria wanted a discount on the Monroe picture but the gallerist wouldn’t go lower,” our inside snitch said. “It was obviously really bothering her that she couldn’t cut the price, so she made an impressive offer.”

But as the British beauty (who really does have a sassy sense of humor) was leaving the event in an Escalade, she rolled down the window and made the mesmerizing offer to swap the blown-up picture of her and hubby getting hot and heavy (as featured earlier this year in W Magazine) in favor of the framed “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” flame; however, two Beckhams in the buff was still no match for Monroe, and Posh was politely declined.

And in addition to being “Golden Balls,” it turns out darling David knows just how to pleasure his Posh with paint. The soccer sensation purchased the portrait privately as a surprise for his wife while she spent time on a stripper pole in England shooting the Spice Girls’ new music video.

Meanwhile, Vic decided she wanted Marilyn so madly that she would go the full fee after all and made repeated calls to her L.A assistant to seal the deal.

“She was getting so mad because, of course, her assistant had to play dumb and pretend she couldn’t get hold of the owners,” our insider added.

“Victoria kept calling from the Spice set all angry and irritated as to why it was such a painful process just to purchase a ‘damn’ painting.”

Pop Tarts is predicting our porcelain Posh’s cussing will turn to kissing when David presents her with the pin-up (which was assembled in their Kelly Hoppen home on Tuesday) after she soars in from “Spice World” on Friday. And her sweet spouse has made sure the stripped ‘50s screen siren will be staring back from the center of their bedroom wall.

Biel Battles Britney for the Role of Mary 'Pap'pins

Remember back in February when our Britney went bananas at a prying paparazzo and bashed him with her umbrella?

Click here to see a pic.

Well, it seems that the act might not be an indication of sanity (or lack of) after all. Screen siren Jessica Biel bumped out of “7th Heaven” on Wednesday when she, too, decided she would snap at a snapper with her sunshade.

Pop Tarts popped the “Powder Blue” bella leaving a Santa Monica yoga studio after a sweaty session, but when the flashes stared firing our Jessica became “agressia.”

Click here to view video.

Hmmm… we thought yoga was supposed to make you relaxed rather than rowdy, but if it can supply someone as sweet as Biel with such a ballsy boost then we’re ready to sign up!

Perhaps the unsettled screen siren is just pining for her pop prince Justin Timberlake (who is touring with his tunes Down Under) because it was just weeks ago that we talked to Biel about those creepy camera peoples and she was anything but bothered.

"It's definitely difficult to deal with, but you do really have to get into a place where you feel Zen about it," she said. "You just have to know that somebody is going to be taking your picture while you're going to the laundry and picking up your dry cleaning, and you just go about your day and ignore them.

"I look at a magazine and they know more about me than I do!" she continued. "It is so funny how it really has become such a crazy, crazy world, but at the end of the day you really just have to be able to laugh through everything."

What the …? Dane Cook is “Simply” a “Simple” Star, You Know…

He may have had the luxury of lip-locking with the likes of Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson for the lens, but "Dan in Real Life" dude Dane Cook is still just as “simple” as ever before, “you know.” Pop Tarts caught up with the cool comedian at Wednesday’s premiere of the funny film but we learned more about Cook’s limited and lucid language skills rather than the reel itself.

“Quite simply, this comedy has to go down in the history books, you know. Ah, how would it go down in the history books? Well, simply, I think that it’s, it’s really simple. It’s a simple equation, when people go and see this film, myself, Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche, an ensemble cast of truly some of the most talented people that you may know or not know from theater and Tony Award-winning, it’s rare that you have a movie going experience, I think, that has a real simplicity to it, you know, and this movie has a real simplicity and beauty to it at it’s core,” he told FOX.

“I don’t think that the big studios make sweet, simple movies like this anymore, so when Peter Hedges came to me and simply told me about the idea, you know, and talked about what my, you know, what I could simply inject into it I felt like I trusted him and I simply thought that, you know, working with Steve alone would be worth the price of admission so, yeah, it’s simple.

“I think that people are going to get a, you know, I’ve seen the movie already with a crowd and just to simply hear people laughing and then, you know, you hear the sobs and, you know, laughter and tears: That’s a nice, kinda simple sorta ride.”

Hmmm… and it seems Dane’s dashing dialect has trespassed onto the tongue of “Something for Dan” co-star Carell.

“This movie is gonna go down in history as the most fantastic cinematic event ever,” he agreed. “I think it’s a good movie. I really enjoyed making it. I saw it a couple of months ago for the first time with an audience. I really liked it. It made people happy. That’s good. Thank you.”

No, thank you, Mr. Carell; we learned a lot, right?

Why Won’t America Ferrera Ever Be “Foxy”?

She may be named after our nation, but that doesn’t mean America Ferrera shares her patriotic persona with everyone.

The real-life “Betty” bared her “Ugly” side at a recent charity event “Hot in Hollywood” concert, which raised funds and awareness for AIDS in America.

Pop Tarts popped out the microphone excitedly to engage with the Emmy winner about this critical cause and how her star-power can make a difference. But, sadly, our star-studded sights were smashed when Ferrera flocked from FOX as fast as possible, leaving her publicist to apologize.

Click here to view video.

So millions missed out on hearing their TV Idol support a key cause, all because of personal political preferences. Last time we checked our role in Entertainment was to positively publicize our screen and song stars.

But one publication America is happy to get hot with is Heat Magazine, where she admitted that the majority of her fan mail comes from viewers who actually think her reel role is real.

“The line gets blurred,” “Ugly Betty” said. “You just have to deal with that every now and then and be safe and be careful. I try to keep as low-key as I can."

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Poor Parents?

They may be the sexiest screen stars and the hottest humanitarians, but are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie forgetting that family comes first?

The comely couple and their ever-flourishing family of four kids have sojourned in several different states and cities over the last four months.

Brangelina and their babes have moved to and fro such places as New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago and Prague on top of reports they are searching for Spanish stomping grounds.

But while Angie and Brad may be giving their guys and girls a global education, some say it may be doing more harm than good.

"It would appear that they are attempting to have the children fit into their lifestyle as opposed to them amending their lifestyle to meet the needs of their children," said marriage and family therapist Sloane Veshinski, who does not treat the stars.

"Young children need structure and a routine; however, the constant movement can cause an inability to form attachment bonds to those around them, form relationships with other children and establish a peer group," Veshinski said.

"The lack of consistency in routine, languages spoken and the overall changes of environment may cause them to lack a level of trust and comfort in their environment if that environment continues to change.

"The children may have difficulties in forming relationships with their peers, other than their siblings. They may, in the future, be diagnosed with issues such as attachment disorders or ADHD as their world is moving faster than they are able to process."

Veshinski adds that she thinks Brad and Angelina do a lot of good in the world, and she applauds them for adopting children. But she thinks they may not be aware of the developmental needs of their children.

"Brad and Angelina need education about what is needed for their children to develop appropriately from a developmental and psychological perspective," she said.

However, Pop Tarts has been told that it isn't just the juniors who are suffering from the leaping lifestyle. Apparently, all the unsettlement is causing ruptures in the romance between the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" sensations.

"Brad really wants to stay put in one place permanently and focus on building their family and the charities they are engaged in," our inside source said. "But Angelina's train of thought is much different. Her career is on fire at the moment, and she wants to travel and thinks the kids will be much better off seeing so much of the world.

"The differing views on top of the pressures of being as famous as they are is definitely putting a huge strain on their relationship."

And it seems that their sensational status already is affecting their eldest son's ability to be professionally educated, as Angie apparently was forced to withdraw Maddox from his swanky French school in the Big Apple due to the "big disruptions" the couple continuously caused.

"Parents were going crazy, the paparazzi were everywhere every time either Pitt or Jolie went to collect Maddox," an eyewitness said. "It was madness. I can't see any solution other than home-schooling their children."

Britney Has 'Threesome' With K-Fed

With the wildfires blazing, Britney Spears actually has a reasonable excuse to go romping in ritzy hotel rooms rather than residing in her rental in the Malibu mountains.

The pop princess actually made good use of her bed at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Wednesday by getting up close and personal with ex-hubby Kevin Federline — but under oath it had to be a threesome.

Pop Tarts has heard that Brit and her bygone beau underwent a "very successful" co-parenting class with a pro, and our ding-a-ling diva was even on her best behavior.

On Thursday, the L.A. City Attorney dismissed hit and run charges against Spears, who struck a car last August and drove off without leaving a note, TMZ.com reported. The charge was dismissed in court after the judge was informed that Britney had settled the dispute with the car owner.

As for the other criminal charge — driving without a California license — Britney pleaded not guilty, according to TMZ. Her next appearance is set for Nov. 26. The judge ordered her to appear, but there's a hearing in her custody case set for the same day.

'Scary' Spice Girls: Sobbing, Squabbling and Stripper Poles Have Director Ready to Ditch Reunion

The Spice Girls have just wrapped filming the music video for their upcoming single "Headlines," but is too much drama putting a damper on the Girl Power?

Pop Tarts has been told that while filming the video, the songstresses were seething beneath the surface and the tension became so toxic that Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) had to waste time every few minutes by sitting out to do "strange spiritual stuff" like hum and meditate while Sporty (Mel C) made it clear she didn't dig the dance moves.

But to add some salt to the "Spice," the director stormed out when the diva demands got too much, threatening to leave the reformed rhythm-makers to do it all alone.

And even though she's a mama herself now, it is somewhat nice to know that Emma Bunton is still a "Baby" who (according to U.K.'s The Sun) was spotted sobbing amid the singing and squabbling.

"It certainly hasn't been an easy ride for the girls getting back together," our insider said. "They are all excited and want so badly for it to work out, but there are definitely a number of fires to put out first. There was some pretty bad blood brewing when the group split."

But it seems the girls have a new addition to the group, and this one is even skinnier than Posh.

The girl band was busted taking pole dancing classes at a seedy SoHo club in London earlier this week, and while Mel B apparently was "all into it" by taking her clothes off for the affair, the concept bothered Mrs. Becks.

"Victoria is not really into the whole pole dancing thing," our source said. "She is a respectable mother and businesswoman; I don't know that she thought stripper poles were necessary."

And despite every effort from the big wigs to make sure the Spice Girls' new track didn't trickle onto YouTube before its November release, a badly behaved insider has slipped out the single and it already is being heard across all continents.

But the reviews so far haven't been bustling, with fans feeling a little let down by the ballad co-written by Bunton and Halliwell. So let's just hope the gals can show us what we want, what we really, really want…

Very Sexy Sale: Heidi Klum Selling Her Supermodel Lips, Quitting the Catwalk?

Although she is best known for her boosted bust and beautiful behind, it is no "Secret" that stunning supermodel Heidi Klum is beyond blessed when it comes to projecting a perfect pout.

But the wife of singing sensation Seal is now giving all girls (and guys) the chance to be "kissed by a rose" by retailing her very own lush lips.

"My lips are plump and very pink," the Victoria's Secret model said last week while discussing the launch of her own cosmetics collection in conjunction with the lingerie label. "So what we've done is copied the exact color of my lips for the lipstick, which has plumping properties too. People can buy my lips now!"

And while the model mom is still as lovable as ever in front of the lens, could the next step of her "Project Runway" involve being behind the scenes of the beauty business full time rather than posing for pics?

"I actually have the most fun creating and doing things I love personally," she said. "And that to me is being able to make women feel even more beautiful and even more sexy. What I really love is more so the artistic, hands-on work of the beauty business."

A pal of the professional poser also told Pop Tarts that Klum "will always be a model at heart, but there are so many other aspects of the industry she feels ready to explore now."

But until she signs off to strut in a different direction, the sassy supermodel is still happy to strip for her fans. Heidi took us behind the scenes to expose what life is really like as a leading lingerie lady, even offering the lens a little lip-lock. …

Video: Click here to watch Klum parade in her pretty panties

But speaking of smooches and secrets, it seems the simple sight of sexy lingerie is making Lindsay Lohan all lovey-dovey.

Pop Tarts popped the reformed rehabber on Monday outside the VS store in The Grove in L.A. with her new beau Riley Giles, but instead of going in to buy goodies, the pair preferred to pose for the paps and spoon-feed each other a sloppy substance outside.

It's Britney, B—-h

That's right y'all, and her "Prerogative" is still not to do as she is told.

According to TMZ, Britney Spears' parenting coach served the courts with a pile of not-so pleasant papers on Monday.

Apparently, the Britster couldn't be bothered to listen and learn from the court-appointed professional, and was more concerned with clothes and cooing on her cell than caring for her kids.

And it seems her Benz is getting more banged up by body parts with every passing day. On Monday, Brit hit another prying paparazzo, and an eyewitness told Pop Tarts that even though the snapper said it was his fault, our saddened Spears sobbed that she was "just so so sorry."

A-List Lads on a Leash: Affleck, Gere and Travolta Nailed Down by Nuptials

They may be earning the big bucks and be the hottest of hot in Hollywood, but even A-list actors are given guidelines to adhere to by their strong-minded spouses.

"I've made four films this year, 'Hoax' has just come out on DVD and there's much more on the way," Richard Gere told FOX on the red carpet of Monday's Hollywood Film Festival 11th annual Hollywood Awards gala ceremony.

"I've been the busiest I've been in a long while, so my wife has had to lay some ground rules. I am not allowed to work any further than an hour from my home."

Video: Click here to check out the party

John Travolta, meanwhile, balances work and family.

"We're both busy, but we our marriage works because we keep it fun," Travolta said. "Kelly [Preston, his wife] makes sure I schedule time out to do date nights and goof around. And of course, our children really keep us connected."

But in the wake of having worn a woman's fat suit and over-inhaling the fumes of "Hairspray," it appears as though Travolta is actually proud to be doing a little of his own pound-packing.

"I've always loved food, but now I love it even more," he added. "I'll eat anything."

And even Oscar-winning actor-turned-director Ben Affleck has to tread lightly when it comes to love.

"Jen [Garner] and I support each other and help each other in every way as much as we can," he said. "But we, or I, have to be careful to be very kind when it comes to critiquing."

But with Jennifer at home with the little one, Ben wasn't making any moves toward home after being honored. He and little brother Casey Affleck stayed after the star-studded ceremony to have a little celebration by the Beverly Hilton poolside alongside the likes of Zac Efron, Rachel Leigh Cook and Adrianne Curry.

Pop Tarts popped the Boston-born brothers cooing over cocktails, cream cakes and cameras while putting their arms around pretty party girls for pictures. …

Country Crooning: Carrie Ridin' With a New Reality Romance, Fans Losing Faith in Hill's Harmonies and Brooks & Dunn Want Your Kids to Play

With the Nashville nightlife soon to take center stage for the Country Music Awards, Pop Tarts is gettin' somewhat stirred up, y'all.

And that's in large part because our back-roads babe Carrie Underwood has just released a new album, "Carnival Ride." She's also been busted with a new boy in the Big Apple.

Prying Pop Tarts popped the "American Idol" getting juicy with "Gossip Girls" guy Chace Crawford last Friday night at New York nightspot Marquee before convening over cocktails at the Gramercy Park Hotel on Saturday.

"They were so cute together in the corner, just keeping to themselves and chatting," said our snitch. "Carrie was looking at him very lovingly; she definitely seemed very interested beyond just a purely platonic level."

The "Some Hearts" heartbreaker just recently ditched her devotedness to Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo, an insider telling us that it was because he wanted to focus more on football than romance.

Meanwhile, country queen Faith Hill appears to be ridin' down the mountain of musical magic. After eight No. 1 records (since 1993), Hill's highly-anticipated "Hits" album featuring her top tracks has been given a bit of a bashing by outback radio, given its modest No. 12 peak on the music charts.

Mrs. McGraw has made no attempt to hide the fact that country radio has lost a little "Faith" in her harmonies, recently telling Radio Records that she feel there is a "disconnect" between her music and rural radio.

Meanwhile, Pop Tarts has been told that lyrical legends Brooks & Dunn are chartering their own private plane from Shreveport, La., to Nashville and back on Wednesday.

The blue-ribbon do-gooders (along with nonprofit partner KaBOOM! ) will be building a Home Depot playground with the vision that someday, every American youngster will be within walking distance of a place to play.

Kim Kardashian Shakes Booty, Battles New Sex Tape, Poses for Playboy

“Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian" is no easy task. The daughter of O.J. Simpson's late friend and lawyer Robert Kardashian is a popular pin-up girl, a Tinseltown socialite and a clothing designer with a reality TV show and a "workout" video (both official and unofficial).

But she still finds time to shake her famous booty, pose for Playboy and fight the release of a possible new sex tape.

Pop Tarts partied with the “bootyful” brunette at her 27th birthday bash on Sunday at Hollywood hot spot Les Deux. And even though Kardashian initially slummed into the spotlight as part of the Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie pack (she has since developed her own star status), her posse was rife with pals who had an uncanny likeness to her former friends.

While Kim was all smiles, sister Khloe was all tears as her band of 20 buff boys weren’t allowed in to the exclusive shindigs.

Pop Tarts spotted Khloe trying to make her big sister leave in protest, but Kim couldn’t have looked happier. And even with her manager mommy amid the mayhem, the screen siren made sure that her behind was at the center of the dance floor for hours "on end."

Click here for a pic

Perhaps Kardashian should center some attention from her rear to reality and focus on “Keeping Up” with her seemingly steady string of sex tapes.

Kim seduced the spotlight earlier this year when a sex tape of her and ex-beau rapper Ray J surfaced, and apparently, Kimmy is trying to pull the plug on pending sequels.

Pop Tarts has learned that Kardashian will sue Vivid Entertainment (which released the first raunchy reel) if it goes ahead with plans to portray a little more of Miss Kim.

However, the voluptuous vixen is now actually getting paid to strip. Kim will appear in the upcoming edition of Playboy, but Pop Tarts has heard that no nether regions will be revealed in the 12-page spread.

“I’m really happy with how the pictures turned out,” she told Pop Tarts. "It looks really classy and professional.”

Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union Reveal 'Girl Crushes'

It seems the female stars of today aren’t afraid to go public with the other female stars they find oh-so physically fabulous.

And while Jessica Alba has been on and off with boyfriend Cash Warren, it seems there is a lady in her life whom she always finds totally tantalizing.

Eva Longoria is absolutely amazing in every possible way — gorgeous and glamorous,” the “Sin City” star told FOX late last week. “Eva Longoria is a very close girlfriend of mine; she’s a proud Latino like me. I just think she’s the whole package and such an amazing woman.”

But Alba isn’t alone with her female fondness. Just last week, Gabrielle Union revealed she wouldn’t mind “Bringing It On” with Eva Mendes.

While attending Jermaine Dupri’s book launch for “Young, Rich and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul,” Gab was busier gabbing about the enchanting Eva instead of the words of wisdom written by Janet Jackson’s long-time lover.

“She’s so hot, right?” the actress enthused. “We’re good friends, but I do have a girl-crush on Eva!”

And “Nip/Tuck” star Kelly Carlson told FOX: "If any woman is going to be perfect, it has to be Angelina Jolie and those incredibly sexy lips.

“And Elle Macpherson too — she is just divine. I like natural-looking girls, and Elle looks amazing without makeup. I have seen her without makeup … I haven’t slept with her, but I have seen her face totally naked.”

Rehab on Red Heat: Will Lindsay and Britney's Pasts Burn Down?

With ferocious fires flurrying across Southern California, the outskirts of Hollywood have become a hot spot — literally.

Pop Tarts has been told that the Malibu rehab center Promises has just been evacuated as the wildfires got a little too close to the former playground of girls gone wild Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

And while the Britster has not yet been booted from her abode, which is amid the Malibu mayhem, the same can’t be said for Olivia Newton-John, Suzanne Somers, Cindy Crawford, James Cameron and Sean Penn (who first lost his home to a Malibu blaze back in 1993).

Other “reel” royals who reside in the area such as Jennifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson, Mel Gibson and David Arquette and Courteney Cox have been put on alert to make a move at any minute.

Pop Tarts has also confirmed that firefighters hosed down the home of the former “Friends” star on Monday morning as Cox was inside.

And he may make many dreams come to life, but even DreamWorks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg can’t calm a mad Mother Nature. According to "Access Hollywood," the movie mogul hired his own team of private firemen on Sunday (on his payroll) to protect his palace with a flame retardant substance.

On another sad note, Pop Tarts was nearby as our favorite party palace the LG Beach House (home to the likes of Hayden Panettiere’s 18th birthday, Paris Hilton’s summer Saturdays and Nick Cannon’s spinning celebrations) went up in smoke on Sunday afternoon.

So it looks like the Polaroid Beach House will be the more happening spot for the time being. …

'Desperate' for Dollars: Eva Longoria Strips, Jessica Alba Chokes

Eva Longoria may be a "Housewife" in real life, but that doesn't mean she will pass up an opportunity to take off her clothes for a critical cause.

The long-running sexy spokeswoman for the "PADRES" (Parents Against Cancer) Foundation looked lush at Thursday's annual gala in West Hollywood, and with her hubby, Tony Parker, out of sight, Eva wasn't too worried about ditching her designer dress.

"Yes, I'm auctioning off my dress tonight," the screen stunner said to FOX on the red carpet of the regal reception. "I'm auctioning off everything."

Video: Click here to watch

And by everything, Longoria also means one Latino lad.

"I'm auctioning off Mario Lopez, too — he is going to be here later," she added.

And while our "Desperate" diva confirmed that she can't have any mini-me's of her own for a few years due to her small-screen contract, she and Tony are sitting tight for when the time is right.

"I'm very excited about having my own family," Eva said while acknowledging the charming cancer-combating children on the carpet.

"And these kids are really special, and actually working with these children with PADRES makes you understand why this is so important, because if I had a child who was sick, I would hope that there was an organization like PADRES."

And when it comes to her lifetime goals, it seems our Wisteria Lane lady will give up glamour for giving.

"Philanthropy, philanthropy — I definitely want to be sure that when I leave this Earth I've given back everything that it's given me tenfold, so for me that's probably the biggest goal."

Meanwhile, Jessica Alba posed and partied with the packs of brave youngsters, but it seems the "Fantastic Four" flame was in need of a little life-saving herself.

Alba looked a little odd while talking to FOX about the foundation and the "amazing support system" it offers to families when her eyes suddenly swelled and she started coughing.

Jess went "Into the Blue" a bit herself as she turned away from the cameras mid-sentence, informing us that she was "choking on pumpkin seeds."

Video: Click here to watch video.

Quickly recovering, Alba turned back to apologize and expressed her "embarrassment."

"I even had to ask her [the young girl with Alba] if I had seeds all through my teeth before I came on the carpet and now I'm choking," she said. "I'm such a dork."

But the bleary-eyed babe was still struggling and made a dashing departure from the carpet. Mouth-to-mouth, anyone?

Britney Behaving

Britney Spears has had her visitation rights with her sons reinstated, and Pop Tarts is proud to announce that the normally disobedient diva was spotted with her kids over the weekend.

Click here to see Brit and the boys

Although she was driving her banged-up Benz, the Britster had her boys buckled — yes, buckled up, in the backseat while an unidentified woman (we assume it was her mandatory supervisor) sat next to the songstress. They were snapped outside Starbucks. …

And here is a lesson to all: Think before you make a wish, because it just might come true.

Pop Tarts chatted with a paparazzo back in August just after he had filmed Brit's Benz leaving Hollywood Chinese restaurant Wokano and clobbering a cameraman's foot — only that time it was a Brit buddy behind the wheel.

"Oh, I wish it was Britney — that story would have been gold," the eyewitness pap told Pop Tarts at the time.

Well, that very same snapper from TMZ had his dream came true when Britney rolled over his toes at a Beverly Hills Medical Center last week.

"My foot is fine, no hard feelings," he told us. "If it was anyone else but Britney I might have been more upset, but she is my favorite out of everyone."

Aw. Just as well the songstress has been so friendly with the paps lately — she may have saved herself another cruise into the courtroom.

Ryan Seacrest Says Judges Are Aging; McPhee Won't Talk for Charity; and Simon Still Makes Sanjaya Sob

There is never a shortage of sensationalism when it comes to the past and present personalities on "American Idol."

Pop Tarts caught up with Ryan Seacrest at Friday night's Young Musicians Foundation gala founded by the late Merv Griffin, where he gave us the scoop fresh from the road of the hit reality show.

"I wouldn't say that the judges are getting nastier, just older. And age is starting to show," Seacrest said. "But nobody will be disappointed when it comes to seeing tears and tantrums and really bad singers. We've had some shockers this season, but at the same time we have been blown away by the actual talent. Fergie is going to be featured pretty heavily on the show, too; I can't tell you how many times I have heard 'Big Girls Don't Cry.'"

As for his long-running rivalry with Simon Cowell, Ryan still thinks he is a cut above.

"Oh, I'm definitely winning. Simon can't stand it," he assured us. "He still isn't over the Emmys hosting gig, and we just have to calm him down all the time. Poor Simon, he is even more irritated than in past seasons."

Speaking of past seasons, it may be just as well that Katharine McPhee was runner-up in Season 4, as she is either too frightened or too "famous" to walk the red carpet or talk to the media at a charity event to raise funds for aspiring artists like she so recently was.

Pop Tarts spotted a not-made-up McPhee entering the Beverly Hilton, but the second she spotted the snappers setting up, she whirled around and was gone. Our precious pop princess was only to be seen while performing late that night, even opting to eat dinner alone in her room.

On another sad note, it seems Simon's constant cutting down of last season's "American Idol" finalist Sanjaya Malakar is still hurting the songster. The shy teen sang his way to 7th place last year, baffling the judges and Simon in particular, who slammed him with every bad word in the book.

"I'm really glad the cameras weren't around when I was alone in my room at night," the pop prince told Pop Tarts. "It was pretty hard sometimes — some of the comments really got to me and it is still upsetting even now when I think about it."

But now that Mr. Malakar has made an album and managed to take the trophies as the Teen Choice Favorite Reality Star and a FOX REALLY Favorite Loser, has he gone back to those three crooning critics to show off his success?

"Oh, no, I don't have contact to the judges anymore, really," he responded.

And now that the softly spoken 18-year-old has stirred up a Sanjaya spectacle and cemented his star as a household name, how is he handling the fame?

"It's still weird when I walk down the street and people yell out and know who I am," he said. "But I'm getting used to it; I like it a lot. But I'm still me — just young Sanjaya."

However, it's that very youth that has the "Idol" name on the negative side of the law. Malakar and last season's golden girl Jordin Sparks toured with the rest of the Top 10 last month, making sure to take a big bite of the Big Apple with five festive concerts.

But the rhythmic reality stars were only 17, and under New York law they were supposed to apply for a permit to perform to ensure protocol regarding child labor.

Pop Tarts has learned it was actually a fan who discovered the law-breaking, resulting in their travel team Touring 19 being touched by a fat $5,000+ fine.

Trick or Treat? 1,500 Near-Naked Girls to Haunt Halloween at Hef's House

Those who have particularly crazy costumes (or a lack thereof) may be able to "trick and treat" with the wicked witches from both East and West at Hugh Hefner's house this weekend.

Pop Tarts has pounced on the preparation process at the "Girls Next Door" digs ahead of Friday night's kinky "Kandyland" affair, cooked up by the kooky Karma Foundation and New York nightlife lord John "JE" Englebert.

In addition to stacks of sexy stars such as Kim Kardashian and her mom, Slash of Guns N' Roses, porn princess Angelique Morgan, bundles of bopping bunnies and provocative Playmates, Pop Tarts has learned that 1,500 hand-picked bare beauties will be boogying in body paint only.

We wonder if Britney will be there — after all, it is a legitimate means of partying panty-free.

Playboy Wants Britney ... If She Gets Help

Now Britney Spears has an incentive to take panty-free pics: she can get paid for it. But on one condition: she has to get some help for her bizarre behavior.

Pop Tarts has learned that the Britster wasn’t rejected by Playboy as many outlets have reported, and Hugh Hefner himself wants nothing more than to help her get her clothes off — but there's a catch.

“Hef has said that he is more than happy to feature Britney in the magazine once she can put herself back on the road to recovery,” said a rep for Playboy.

However, Pop Tarts finally has a reason why Britney so often parades and parties without panties.

A source in the style and wardrobe world who has worked extensively with Spears says she used to sometimes suffer spots and soreness from her cotton coverings.

"Britney has sensitive skin all over. We tried lots of different materials, but sometimes she would get a bit of a reaction, which naturally is very uncomfortable," our source said. "Especially when she would be on stage under the hot lights performing, all that sweating makes things worse."

That doesn't mean we should forgive the Britster for flashing too much flesh — our insider adds that "she should at least wear longer dresses or pants or something."

But nobody can put the Brit Brit in the corner and make her do as she is told, not even the judge in her custody case.

Word on the street is that Spears called the legal lord an "old fart," which is obviously a very intelligent means of regaining custody of her little ones.

Meanwhile, former *NSYNC star Lance Bass has tried reaching out to the Mouseketeer melodist (even admitting she was the first one he "came out to" to try and make her feel better after her annulled Vegas wedding), but his hand of help has been brushed off by Brit Brit.

And with her right to visit her sons temporarily suspended until she complies with court orders (such as regular drug testing and parental coaching classes — Britney was reportedly MIA Thursday night when a parent coach showed up at her house) all the stress seemed to be weighing on Spears Thursday when she turned on her pals the paparazzi.

The pop shtick spent the morning soaking in some UV rays at Sunset Tan, but snapped at the snappers while coming down the stairs.

"She was yelling at them to leave her alone," a Sunset staffer told Pop Tarts. "We helped her out — they were just everywhere. All over the streets like a pack of rats."

Later in the day, only hours after losing her child-visitation rights, the troubled pop star appears to have run over a TMZ photographer's foot with her car.

A video posted on TMZ.com shows that Brit Brit was driving with one hand covering her mouth through a patch of paparazzi when her banged-up Benz tussled with some TMZ toes.

Eyewitnesses said the songstress seemed stunned but didn't stop to assist her pap pal.

Click here to watch

Spears was reportedly driving out of a Beverly Hills medical building, and appears to have been covering her mouth to hide newly blown-out lips.

Click here to see Britney's lips (link may contain offensive content)

But in spite of all the wacky behavior we have come to expect from the loony lyricist, we must remember that Spears has a soul that has been torn in two.

The words to a song entitled "Why Should I Be Sad" on her upcoming album "Blackout" (to be released on Oct. 30) reportedly recalls the ruptured romance between her and K-Fed.

Although the song was written and composed by music mogul Pharrell Williams and not the pop princess herself, the personalized lyrics launch into the pain of having "other women" mess up their marriage.

"It just seemed that Vegas/Only brought the playa out of you," the songstress sings.

K-Fed's Parents Pose for MTV

Speaking of Britney Spears , it seems she has been one-upped by an unlikely duo: the folks of Kevin Federline were popular with the paparazzi at MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar" finale on Thursday night.

Prying Pop Tarts spotted the creators of Britney's ex bopping to the beats — oh how they must be proud. The 'rents were in town to hip-hop with Kev's first family and former flame Shar Jackson.

Small-screen sweetheart Shar can now officially add singing superstar to her resume, as she took out the first ever rappin' reality title ahead of runner-up "Girl Next Door" Kendra Wilkinson.

While her four mini-mes and Fed's folks fell into a frenzy when her name was announced, Shar stood silently as her eyes swelled with emotion. So is it sweet revenge against the "Crazy" crooner who stole her man some years ago?

"They should have me open the VMAs," Shar said.

Victoria Beckham Shows Off Her 'Spicy' Interior

Now that Victoria Beckham's reality show has vanished, the public doesn't have much of an opportunity to peek at Posh in private.

However, the itty bitty babe gave Pop Tarts and some VIPs a glimpse into the interior of her "Spicy" exterior in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night.

Arriving at the famed Celebrity Vault fashionably late, Mrs. Becks came to boast about the bounce of her big bed and the trimmings on her toilets with the designer who decorated her divine L.A. digs, Kelly Hoppen.

And it turns out that Posh was so proud of her palace planner at the launch of her book, "Kelly Hoppen: Home: From Concept to Reality," that she even propelled her parents into the glam gallery.

"It looks gorgeous, just gorgeous," gushed the "Girl Power" personality while perusing the pages. "So gorgeous."

Pop Tarts was also on standby for the scoop on the Spice Girls.

"I'm off to meet up with the girls tomorrow to start filming [a new video]. I can't wait!" she said.

Meanwhile, did girl-friendly model Bai Ling really think she could lure Vic from her sexy soccer spouse?

Ling (who tells Pop Tarts she comes from the moon) refused to clear out until she had "Spiced Up Her Life" with a handshake from the glamour gal (who was wearing a little Gucci dress) and even started secretly pap-snapping from her cell phone.

But it didn't take Victoria long before she wanted to pose and parlay in a private room upstairs with her folks and sister Louise Adams.

And despite her fragile frame, Pop Tarts caught Beckham joining her British brood in devouring (yes, devouring) dozens of delicious delicacies from celeb caterers the Crescent and consuming V2 vodka cocktails (from an oh-so "Posh" bottle blinged out with Swarovski crystals).

Well, our musical mama might as well make the most of it while her hubby is home with the kids (and getting his injured body parts rubbed down by a rehabilitator).

Oh, and in case you are wondering who will be watching the Beckhams go boppin' in their "Hoppen" Hollywood bedroom, Pop Tarts can exclusively reveal it will now be an oversized, near-naked Marilyn Monroe — the hand-painted picture taken just days before the "How to Marry a Millionaire" dame's death.

George Lopez Getting Ellen DeGeneres' Dog Back?

Ellen DeGeneres may not have anything to worry about when it comes to her former dogs — apparently, the little hound is headed back to the home of her hairdresser pal. Well, that's if funnyman George Lopez has anything to do with it.

"Ellen is a friend of mine, OK — she just has to say the word [and] I can get that dog back. Just call me Ellen, I promise I can get that dog back," Lopez told Pop Tarts at Thursday's "PADRES" fundraising gala to support children and their parents in the combat against cancer.

"I'm not going to say how, I'm not going to say when, but Ellen, I love you, got your back baby. I'll get you that dog, I will even get you the brother of that dog."

Video: Can George get Ellen's dog back?

Jennifers Touch the Hearts of Hollywood

For anyone out there planning parenthood sometime soon, Pop Tarts suggests if it's girl, the name "Jennifer" guarantees goodness that's next to godliness.

Just ask Jennifer Garner's Aussie "Alias" alumna Melissa George, who also acted alongside Jennifer Aniston in "Derailed" and presently plays the wife of Josh Hartnett in the new horror flick "30 Days of Night."

"The person who has really touched me and taught me the art of being a human being, an actress and a mother is Jennifer Garner … oh and of course Jennifer Aniston," the busy actress told Pop Tarts while promoting her very moving upcoming movie "Music Within" (which also features Ron Livingston and Michael Sheen) and centers around the American Disability Act and the difference one man can make.

"Working so closely with those two women, I know how hard they work in the public eye dealing with paparazzi and interviews, then they're on set for such long, long hours, yet they still have such great respect for anybody and everybody around them. The Jennifers embody everything that is amazing when it comes to being an actress, a wife and in one of those cases, a mother."

Speaking of the Jens, Aniston is stealing Garner's guy Ben Affleck as her steamy screen star in "He's Just Not That Into You," and has a frenzy of future films all due to debut in 2008.

And although Aniston is back to a busy box-office agenda, an insider has told Pop Tarts that more than ever, the "Friends" sensation is ready to play a "real" rather than "reel" mom, just like Garner.

"Jen [Aniston] is so wonderful with children. She has a strong maternal instinct, but the timing just hasn't been right," said the source. "I know she wouldn't really feel complete as a person if she never had kids of her own."

But Aniston might also go down the Angelina road and adopt.

"Jennifer is still only 38, but if need be, adoption certainly isn't out of the question," added the friend of the former "Friend."

'Clean' Tara Conner Back to Parties and Boys

Former Miss USA Tara Conner caught international attention late last year when boss Donald Trump sent the teary titleholder to reign in rehab.

But now that the blond beauty queen is back in the spotlight as the "parent" personality on “Pageant Place," it seems she has also regained her passion for parties and posing.

However, Conner has happily converted cocktails to conversation and calories.

“I love going out and getting lots of food with genuine friends who can actually hear what I’m saying,” she told FOX. “And of course, I still love to go out for a good dance."

Video: Tara Conner on benders and Britney

Pop Tarts toasted (tonic only) with Tara at Tuesday night’s T-Mobile Sidekick LX Launch in Los Feliz, but more cell phones also mean more possibilities she could be popped prancing and partying by the paparazzi.

"You know it doesn't happen all the time. It's kind of one of those things [where] you can put yourself in the position or you don't put yourself in the position, but it's not that big of a deal,” Tara told FOX. “It comes with the job."

While Conner is now cool with these flaws of fame, returning to her “demons” in the Trump Tower to film her new MTV reality series was a little more moving.

“You know it was mixed emotions, mixed feelings but overall it was a lot of fun,” the 10-month sober sash sister said. “The girls are great and gave me a chance to get back and make good with the organization and do a favor for Mr. Trump, so it's been a lot of fun."

And although the Kentucky native has battled and beaten the blues (and is even writing a book about how she overcame those bad times) her advice to the likes of Britney Spears is basic.

“Those troubled girls will get it together when it's their time,” Tara said. “When they finally hit that rock bottom and they want to make a change, then they'll make a change.”

But while Tara is no longer tempted by intoxication, it seems she still has the skills to “sneak” around with guys — a talent she tested out tirelessly while living in Trump Tower before finally being busted bringing boys back into the apartment.

After getting down like a “Gold Digger” to the live sounds of Kanye West and the spinning to the scratches of DJ AM alongside Carmen Electra (plus her enormous entourage) and pouting porn princess Jenna Jameson, Tara picked up another sneaky “Sidekick” at Hollywood hotspot Hyde.

Prying Pop Tarts caught Conner and Kimberly Stewart’s bygone beau “Laguna Beach” boy Talan Torriero talking to the door guys before turning around, only to tip-toe in together via the back door…

But Conner’s not the only one to have found a new “Sidekick." It seems Nick Cannon has moved on from last week’s engagement break-off with supermodel Selita Ebanks by bumming with a very big boy band of buddies.

The music man tried to keep smiling at the packed party, but when an insensitive media outlet mentioned the leggy lingerie model, he said he was “sorry” and stormed down the carpet.

Is Lindsay Lohan a 'Mean Girl' Who Broke Up Another Engagement?

Lindsay Lohan may be a reformed rehabber who has just returned to her old hunting ground of Hollywood, but our “Bobby” beauty seems to still be hunting already hooked-up men.

According to Us Weekly, the “Drama Queen” has poisoned the pending wedding bells between her current snowboard beau Riley Giles and his former flame Bree Tierney of Utah. The source told the mag that Giles suddenly stopped calling his fiancee after meeting Linds at Cirque Lodge and she only found out about their romantic relations via the rag mags … ouch.

And aside from having a few “Toxic” troubles, what else do Lindsay and Britney Spears have in common?

Linds is back in Tinseltown getting ready for a role as a tantalizing-tango girl in “Dare to Love Me,” and to prepare for the twists and twirls she has been training at Spears’ old North Hollywood dance domain The Millennium Studios.

“Lindsay has been working really hard,” a staff member at the studio told Pop Tarts. “She looks really refreshed and picks up the steps very quickly.”

L.A. Fashion 'Fall' Collection: Model Crashes Through Catwalk

It was just another star-studded L.A. Fashion Week show at SkyBar on Tuesday night, but that doesn't mean we were prepared for a fashionista to go flying.

The “Whose Next, What’s Next” parade promoted products from the likes of Lotta Stennson NY and B’s Purses and Shandang, but instead of showcasing the styles for spring 2008, the celebrity crowd (including Richard Branson, Bai Ling and Jack Coleman) was given a sneak preview of what’s happening in the "fall."

Pop Tarts was present as a male model executed a back flip, but his heavy landing ruptured the runway. The stunner strutting behind him was unaware of the gaping hole and suddenly she fell straight through the floor, which was suspended over a swimming pool.

Video: Model crashes through catwalk, rescued by 'Heroes' star

But it turns out that “reel” “Heroes” hottie Jimmy Jean-Louis (who was a guest model) became a “real” Hero when he ran to rescue the damsel in distress and protected those behind her from following suit.

However, this is Hollywood and the show must go on — after a brief breather, the design debut continued.

Sucking for Survival: Is Josh Hartnett Hungry for Human Flesh?

Josh Hartnett may be known as a Hollywood heartthrob and “Pearl Harbor” hero, but the screen sensation is now familiar with the fine art of blood-sucking after sundown.

“I’ve always loved vampire films, but I never really thought I’d be in one,” Hartnett told FOX at Tuesday’s premiere of the horror flick “30 Days of Night."

“When this film came along, it was pretty much Sam Raimi [“The Grudge” producer] who convinced me that they were going to make something that was elevated with real characters and a real story and not just a gore-fest film. It was going to be something that was little bit more highbrow.”

And although Hartnett told FOX he could never eat another human for survival when the cameras weren’t rolling, it seems he doesn’t mind doing a little sucking and smooching in the darkness with R&B dame Rihanna.

Apparently, the pair popped Dom Perignon at a private table at New York’s Pink Elephant last week after Rihanna’s Times Square concert before getting closer with some kissing and cuddling … and leaving together in the early hours of the morning.

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