Facing Reality: Choice

Abortion: It's one of the most controversial issues in America, and one of the most agonizing decisions a woman can face.

It's also a hard topic to talk about, and most FOX News viewers know both sides of the debate. In an upcoming special, "Facing Reality: Choice," FOX News will look at the issue from a different angle. In this hour, there are no experts and no politicians, only three women telling their very personal stories. And unlike anything that’s been seen on cable news, FOX takes the cameras inside a procedure room during an abortion. This hour is raw, emotionally gripping and very real.

You'll meet:

Kayla — A single young woman in her early 20's who becomes pregnant by her boyfriend. She finds herself alone, left to make the choice about whether to keep the child or have an abortion.
Jeanne — A 30-year-old divorced woman with a history of drug abuse. Jeanne has already given birth to five children; none of them live with her. She finds out that she's pregnant once again.
Brooke — A mother and wife who has one healthy child, but finds out that her current pregnancy is not so fortunate, and that her baby has a fatal birth defect called Trisomy 18.

Watch the special, the first in a series, on October 27 at 9pm / 12 mid ET to find out what choices these women make. Before you tune in, tell us your thoughts: What advice would you give to each of these women? In what situations, if any, do you think abortion is an acceptable choice? E-mail us and join the discussion!

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"My heart grieves for the couple whose baby has a fatal birth defect. This is one of the only times I see abortion being a valid option. Jeanne may be a drug addict, but I would hope that she could see that either sterilization or long term birth control options are out there. The story of Kayla is the one that bothers me the most. This is a seemingly bright young woman that is not using birth control. Our children are educated about birth control from elementary school age! There are so many choices out there for women, that it is very troubling that our society is unable to take ANY personal responsibility. And this is the second abortion for her in less than a year — what about adoption? And what about AIDS or other STDs — those don't just go away with a doctor's appointment." — Jennifer

"I will be watching the Facing Reality special. As a woman who has had an abortion, a miscarriage, a twin birth with one child with Down syndrome, cleft lip and palate, and other medical and developmental issues, and who is now pregnant, I am very passionate about this topic. For years after my abortion when I was 19, I tried to justify my abortion by becoming staunchly pro choice. Now, years and a lot of soul searching later, I am pro-life — except in the case of medical problems which would truly affect the life and health of the mother (I have a friend who was diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy. I am talking about serious medical issues like this)." — Christine

"Well the lady who has a drug problem, I do think that it is ok for her to have a abortion. As for the other women I am not sure. I am all for pro-choice, I believe women should have a right to do what they want with there own body's But on the other hand if you are just doing it for your own selfish reason's then I do not think it is ok. I feel sorry for each and everyone of these women, but sometimes life deals us some bad cards, and the only thing we could do is play them." —Desiree

"I was diagnosed at age six with a terminal bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. The cancer spread to my lungs and my esophagus. I was not expected to live. I did not die and remained crippled for another three years. I learned to walk again and went on to study ballet for 14 years. My life is a miracle. The only what might be considered a sad result of this situation is due to the radiation treatment I did receive during my trial of cancer, that left my reproductive organs permanently damaged ... I obviously would never give birth to children. This was never a problem for me ... I knew I would always adopt." — Clauzelle (Dripping Springs, TX)

"I hope that I would never be so arrogant as to judge someone. Although, I reserve the right to be hard on myself for the decision I made when I was 18. Today, that "mistake" would have been 32 years old. I wish I would have had someone to help me through that time, and maybe I would have chosen the adoption path. Unfortunately, there were problems after 'the procedure,' and that pregnancy turned out to be the only chance I had of bearing children." — Dechelle

"I have been using birth control since I was 17. I am 36 years old and I have never been pregnant. I have never taken a risk or worried about the possibility of being pregnant. I am a rape survivor. I am pro-choice. I hope to have children someday. If government wants to pay for my birth control, pay for the birth of my child, pay for the education, healthcare, welfare and upbringing of my child all the way up until the age of 18, then the government can tell me what to do with my body. Until then, stay the hell away from my constitutional right to protect myself." — Keely

"Twenty weeks into my pregnancy, my husband and I went for a routine ultra sound. We learned the somber news about our pregnancy. Our baby was diagnosed with Anencephaly, a congenital absence of the brain, with the cerebral hemispheres completely missing or greatly reduced in size. The doctor explained it as a deformation of the head. Our obstetrician informed us that the baby was 'incompatible' with life and they should consider terminating the pregnancy.

Before leaving the specialist, I asked for pictures from the ultra sound and we received two images. The first image was of our babies two tiny feet pressed up against the screen and the second was of our baby's face. Looking at that baby's face, I tried to rationalize termination, but I couldn't.

After eleven hours of labor, Joseph Michael was born. After two hours and thirty-four minutes of living, Joseph died. Although we endured a tragic and painful lost, neither of us regretted the decision to carry Joseph to full term. I believe there is a reason for everything. This experience brought me closer to my husband and closer to God. It made me realize the power of prayer." — Kim

“I am pro-life, but I feel I am not the one to make a woman's decision's regarding her own body. That I feel, is between her and God. I do not feel it should be up to the taxpayers to pay for ANY abortions. You want one, you pay for it! I may not agree with abortion but I think it should always be allowed and paid for by the person having it done. I myself was adopted and feel that it is a wonderful thing to do for not only the child, but the adoptive parents as well.” — Todd

“Abortion is no answer. Why do we think we have a choice to kill or not to kill? When you’re pregnant you should stay pregnant until your baby is born. Problems come and go in life but once you have an abortion, it is permanent.” — Mary (Rochester, NY)

“One thing we all need to realize is that our choices bring consequences, some good and some bad. For these women their previous choices have brought them the consequence of pregnancy. That is not a bad thing, just not the consequence they would have chosen. How can we, a civilized society be debating whether or not we should condone killing someone?” —
Nora (North Carolina)

“Keep the baby. You will grow to love the baby and the baby love you back. That is the best part.” — Richard

“I hope and pray that Brooke, Kayla, and Jeanne will have a true awareness of the life within them and would find the strength to honor and protect that life. There is help for them in their time of need. I will be praying for each of them by name today.” — Mark

“All life is important, no matter what. Just think, especially older folks, if abortion was legal back then, how many of us would be here today? All life brings joy.” — Suellen

“I think women need to be better educated on the choice of adoption, especially open adoption. Women and girls need to know that this is a third option besides abortion or parenting. Open adoption can be a wonderful experience for the adoption triad. Especially the birth mother who doesn't have to struggle between a life and death decision and have the opportunity to be a part of the choice of adoptive parents and be part of that child's life for as long as they wish.” —

“For all three women, the choice is obvious, but not easy. They should have the babies! Give them the opportunity to experience the same thing that they have: LIFE! If women more fully understood that they are allowing a doctor, (and I use that term lightly) to take the life that they have growing in them which gives that baby no chance at all, then I think they would rethink their decision to allow another human being to take the life of their baby! I do have compassion for these women, but ending the life of the beautiful child that they having growing in them will not be better for them in the short or long run.” — Joe (Ohio)

“There are many couples that would love to adopt a child. With that being said, these women can put their babies up for adoption.” — Carri (Texas)

“ADOPTION, ADOPTION, ADOPTION. It is no longer just about YOU.” — Stacy

“Let me say first, that I am the mother of a beautiful woman who was faced with the similar choices 12 years ago. I am so thankful she didn't listen to me! In all three situations of these women, my daughter would say, have the baby. Give it up for adoption if you can't or don't want to keep it. Some other couple would be thrilled to have the child. No matter it's conception, it is a gift from God. You never know the manner in which God blesses you. It just might by your own child.” — Darlene (Waco, TX)

“I can't imagine the anguish a woman must (should) go through in choosing whether to keep her child, or kill it. I am a man, so I don't really have a dog in the fight, but I do have a 19-year old daughter and I worry about this issue frequently. Regarding advice, all I have are opinions. Kayla missed her choice in the bedroom. It's tough she ended up pregnant but that's what the whole act is intended for. She gambled and lost and now her unborn child may pay for it. Jeanne embodies many of the traits, which are making America the sad place it is and should NEVER be allowed to have children, or regain custody of her existing children. Brooke should embrace the blessing she's about to get. She should love her child and cherish whatever time she's given because it will strengthen her in the future.” — Paul

“I will be watching your program Saturday night. I would advice all of the woman to do what they need to do; and be prepared to grieve the loss. I would ask them to seek a support group like Rachel's Vineyard that will help process the fear, the sadness, the hurt, the anger, the confusion, the disappointment and profound sense of failure. They will need to find a way to reconcile the constant persecution they will received from the media, from the religious, from themselves.” —

Right now I believe that a baby can be kept alive outside the mother at 20 weeks. I would encourage each of the women to have their baby. Women should be more responsible. If you are single, if you have a family history of defects, if you are a drug addict, then don't get pregnant. Every woman on the planet knows how to prevent pregnancy.” — Donna (Baltimore, MD)