FOX News Channel Blackout?

On Monday a friend, who had a long layover at the Minneapolis airport, walked into a bar to have a beer and watch the news. He had a long day of pheasant hunting in South Dakota and planned to relax for a few minutes before cramming into a coach seat for his flight home to New York City.

It was just before 4 p.m. in the Midwest and he wanted to watch "The Big Story," but the television was tuned to CNN. He politely asked his fellow bar mates if they would agree to change the channel to FOX. The customers all said "yes."

After getting his neighbors' approval, (this guy believes in the principles of a democracy!) he turned to the bartender and asked him to change the channel.

The bartender refused.

The bartender at the pub (run by HMS Host) said that in his four years of working there he had never seen the manager show anything other than CNN.

"Why?" my friend asked.

The bartender claimed that too many people found FNC offensive.

Wow, it's so "offensive" that the bartender wouldn't agree to do what numerous customers requested: change the channel. It was not as though they wanted to watch porn!

On the matter of principle, my friend argued his point with the manager, who also would not budge. My friend paid the bill and left the bar annoyed. He says his bar mates were also miffed.

I guess the customer is not always right.

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