Perfect Getaway: Going Under the Knife?

When most people think of vacation, they dream of sandy beaches and tropical drinks, not going under the knife. But that's exactly what some people are now choosing as their relaxing getaway.

According to a survey by the travel Web site out of Australia, more than 20 percent of Aussies polled said they would love to relax by a pool while saving thousands on surgery.

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The managing director at, Malcolm Baker, said he isn't surprised that these vacations have become so popular.

"People are very conscious of how they look. I'm not surprised that the travel industry is taking advantage of this social trend," he said.

There are several companies out there already offering these so-called luxury cosmetic surgery vacations in exotic locales such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The new tourism trend has prompted a warning from plastic surgeons about the dangers of cut-price surgery.

A survey by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons earlier in the year found a growing number of people seeking medical help due to complications once they returned home from overseas.

Society president Howard Webster said the lack of follow-up care was a big problem.

"Unfortunately there will always be people lured overseas if they think they can save money," Webster said. "We want to remind them that it could end up costing a lot more in the end."