Victory for Ohio Eagle Scout

A "Big Story" update: a victory for Ohio Eagle Scout Andrew Larochelle, who truly deserves a scout's patch for helping to remind us what this country stands for.

When the reference to God was stripped from the certificate that accompanied a U.S. flag that had been flown over the Capitol, Andrew took the matter to his congressman hoping he could resolve the matter.

Thursday, the debate was settled. The Architect of the Capitol, whose office oversees the 100,000 flag dedications annually, changed its policy and will now allow personalized messages on those certificates. The reason: the messages belong to the individual.

Andrew and his family should be proud. The 17 year old stood up for what he believed in, handled the situation with grace, never slamming government officials (hey, we did that for him) and won an important victory for the faithful and for free speech. Congratulations, Andrew.

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