Fall Style for Your Figure

Supermodels making you feel frumpy? Don’t get discouraged flipping through fall’s fashion magazines because this season’s hottest trends can work for you. Seriously! Read on for my foolproof fall fashion tips on which style is best for your shape.

Fashion Focus: Hips and Bottom

If you have a butt and hips and it’s time to embrace them! First, get to know what never to wear! A-line skirts, tapered pants and short jackets will only accentuate your hips and bottom and flowy skirts will do nothing to hold you in. The good news? This fall is made for you.

Long coats that make a statement are a season staple and flared, man tailored pants and jeans are both designer favorites! Both styles are great for a curvy bottom half because they create balance. Finally, gray is this season’s new black and what better way to show it off than in a slim, pencil skirt and matching sweater? That’s right; a pencil skirt is a great way to make a larger bottom look slim and smooth.

Fashion Focus: Long and Lean

The biggest problem long and lean women have is finding clothes that fit well. Often pants and sleeves are too short and clothes can look baggy and ill fitting around the chest and bottom. The key is to not only find clothes that fit well, but knowing what styles work for you. And this season you're in luck. Adding embellishment to your wardrobe, such as bows, fur and feathers, and textured fabrics like plaids and tweeds are a great way to add volume to a seemingly flat body.

Speaking of volume, wide skirts (very hot this season) can create the illusion of a curvier hip and butt and a wide leg pant can add weight and balance.

Fashion Focus: Petite

Knowing what looks great on your shape is the key to dressing well. For petite women, the key is adding bulk and layers. This season’s chunky knits are a great look because they’re not only stylish, but warm and cozy. A petite woman can also carry off a sweater as a dress. Think Grandpa chic! Petite women also look great in layers, which is a perfect way of pulling off this season’s schoolboy chic.

Try kilts, ruffled tops, cardigans, vests, blazers and bombers. But, stay away from anything too baggy and too long! Look for European designers and lines that run small and become best friends with your local tailor. Final Style Guide tip — stay away from short pants and capris. While short skirts will give the appearance of longer legs, short pants cut them off and make you appear even smaller!

Fashion Focus: Larger Bust

Too much cleavage and looking too sexy OR feeling shapeless, waistless and unattractive? These are symptoms of a large bust, and the cure is as simple as choosing the right styles for your figure. First, get to know what NEVER to wear. High necklines and chunky knits may disguise a big bust line, but they will also add bulk and create a shapeless silhouette. Boxy jackets are also a fashion “don’t” because they too do nothing to flatter your shape. Still, if you have a large bust, you don’t want to hide it, but you should avoid showing too much.

Scoops, v-necks and wrap sweaters are great styles because they break up the chest and create a figure. However, to avoid too much cleavage, wear a tank underneath. Also, try wearing darker colors on top and lighter colors on the bottom, like we did by pairing a black sweater with a white skirt and red-hot shoes. This color combo is not only great for your figure but is at the height of fashion this season. Another way to create a more balanced appearance is by creating a cinched waist with a belt. Lastly, skirt suits are fashionable this fall and a perfect choice for women wanting to look sophisticated and stylish.

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