Polar Ice Cap Melting — Cause of Global Warming or Cyclical Weather Conditions?

Editor's Note: Jonathan Hunt is on a special investigative report in Greenland, reporting on melting ice caps. Keep checking FOX Fan Blogs for the LATEST installment from the Arctic.

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It's cold. Really cold. You might expect it, of course, given that we're currently 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle, in the far northwestern corner of Greenland. You may have already seen parts of the series of reports we're doing here on global warming and the race for the oil and other resources that lie beneath the Arctic Ocean. But getting those stories to you is a story in itself.

For a start, many people doubted we'd ever be able to get a satellite signal out of here to deliver our reports to your TV screens and laptops. That's because we're so far north, so close to the North Pole, that our satellite dish has to aim at an angle of just three degrees of elevation. In other words, the smallest hill can prevent us getting a signal, or in other circumstances, an iceberg floating through the shot or a Polar Bear walking past the dish could break the signal. But thanks to our crack team of engineers, Pat Muskopf and Rich Deanda, we climbed a mountain (no easy task in itself) and got the dish working.

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That's when things got really interesting. On day one of our live shots, the Arctic Gods sent a storm to test us. Winds reaching 50 miles an hour and snow blowing horizontally made for some of the most brutal conditions in which we have ever operated. At one point the satellite dish nearly took off over the ice and snow-laden cliff edge. That would have been an expensive loss, but thanks to the quick reactions of the whole team we got it back on the ground. For all of us, I think that first day was extraordinary and we all felt a huge sense of achievement when we got our first report out.

For me, cameraman Eric Barnes (with whom I've traveled this year from the equator to the Arctic, with a hundred stops in between) and producer Chris Spinder this is the culmination of many weeks of preparation and travel that has taken us from the northernmost point of Alaska to this, the far north of Greenland. For all of us it has been an incredible experience and a privilege to spend time in these brutal but beautiful places. We've searched for polar bears in Alaska, lost an ATV to the Arctic Ocean, in a moment that was at first terrifying, and then just plain funny. We've been hunting with Inuits, and we've come face to face with icebergs the size of battleships and glaciers that stretch for miles and tower majestically hundreds of feet above us.

And what is plainly obvious to all of us is that whether you think the cause is human-induced global warming or simply cyclical weather conditions the climate is changing up here and the ice cap is melting. That has all sorts of major implications for every one of us. And that's what we're reporting on all week. Stay tuned.

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