Pop Tarts: Erotic Eva Exposed: Mendes 'Went for It' With Joaquin Phoenix

Guys, get ready. Eva Mendes exposes "everything" in her upcoming film "We Own the Night,” and doesn’t hold back when it comes to her steamy sex scenes with Joaquin Phoenix.

“I trusted him. I trusted everybody on this and I just went for it,” she said.

Video: Click here to see our chat with Eva

But it wasn’t easy for Eva to take off her clothes and go all the way.

“The sex scene with Joaquin really wasn’t as good as it looked — these were nerve-racking scenes that are very technical and really scary,” Mendes said. “It was nothing to do with him, he is beautiful, but when you are exposing yourself emotionally and physically that’s so frightening ... you have so many people around and the camera and it’s so scary.”

In real life, the actress admits she is still haunted by the memory of turning her back on true love.

“The hardest thing to do is walk away from someone you love,” Eva said. “It shows a lot of maturity — it is one of the hardest things I have had to do.”

Jenny's Burgeoning Belly: Expecting a Little Lopez?

Despite devotedly denying that she is pregnant, the New York Post's Page Six gossip column reports that dancing diva Jennifer Lopez will announce her little one this weekend in New York.

She might have no choice but to confess — Lopez displayed a mounting middle section at her concert in Connecticut Wednesday night.

Links: Click here to see what looks like a bump

A concertgoer also told Pop Tarts that the “Let’s Get Loud” Latina appeared particularly paranoid about her belly and continued to cover and touch her bigger-than-normal stomach throughout the live show.

And it seems J-Lo is still adjusting to her flourishing flesh, as she lost her balance and almost sashayed right off stage … phew!

Who knows, perhaps Jennifer and Christina Aguilera have both been on the same bizarre belly-boosting diet. After all, neither pop princess has proclaimed pregnancy to explain their sudden stomach surges.

Hef, Holly & the 'Girls': Bridget the Best-Looking Bunny? Kendra Likes Ladies More?

Hugh Hefner has revealed to Pop Tarts why he decided to make his Playboy life public:

“I’ve had a lot of offers to do a reality show in the past,” the magazine mogul told Pop Tarts Monday night on the red carpet of the FOX REALLY Awards, which were held at Hollywood hotspot Boulevard 3 and air Oct. 13. “But I agreed to do this one because the concept was to focus on the girls. I want everyone to get to know my girls.”

And even though Holly Madison makes sure she sleeps in Hef’s sheets to stay his No. 1 (while the other two gals have bedrooms “Next Door,”) No. 2 gal Bridget Marquardt can now boast that she is the best-looking bunny.

“I’ve been nominated for the Favorite Reality Show Hottie,” she said. “So it’s exciting.”

Video: Click here to see our chat with Hef and the girls

And as Kendra Wilkinson claimed that “there’s no competition” that could possibly beat Bridget’s beauty, she made it quite clear she knows her women well.

“Look, I’m a lesbian!” Kendra shrieked as she turned for a quick lip-lock with another glamorous girl on the carpet.

So while everything seems sweet and supportive between the busty blondes on TV, is what we see on the show really reality?

“I would say it is 99 percent real — it’s pretty darn real,” Holly said.

Hmmm … we can’t help but wonder about the other 1 percent ...

Stars Speak Out About Britney

At Fox's REALLY Awards on Monday, the talk of the town was, of course, Britney Spears.

“Britney is an inspiration to the young people of America,” blogger Perez Hilton said. “She is an inspiration of what not to do. She does everything wrong. Everything.”

And even though Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady) also grew up in the star-studded spotlight and now has his own reality show “My Fair Brady” with “Top Model” wife Adrianne Curry, the cute couple has little care for the “Crazy” crooner.

“She needs to disappear for a while,” Knight said while the more cutting Curry advised Spears to “stop partying and spend some time with your kids.”

Speaking of Spears, it seems the sad songstress hasn’t only lost custody of her sons but she may soon lose her furry friends as well.

PETA has written a letter to Kevin Federline desperately requesting “for the sake of his kids and the animals at stake” that he high-tail it to Brit’s Hollywood Hills home and get custody of her canine companions.

Click here to read the letter

Gisele Bundchen Caught Kissing 'Australian'

Gisele Bundchen has been known as the "Boobs From Brazil" her entire catwalk career, but now she's revealed how she keeps her strut looking hot.

The sexy supermodel arrived in Australia this week and on Tuesday night launched her Ipanema Collection, which features a fresh, environmentally friendly range of flip-flops and summery sandals.

"As a model, footwear is very important," the supermodel told Pop Tarts. "We have to wear the most uncomfortable shoes, so when I’m not working I need flats that keep my feet in good shape."

And now that Bundchen has parted ways with "Victoria’s Secret," she has also canned her "Angel" wings — going as far as to be caught getting cozy and even kissing someone a little furrier than football beau Tom Brady. Gisele fell for the native Australian koala while whirling through Melbourne Zoo.

Click here for a pic

But Pop Tarts since has learned that boyfriend Brady stayed true to his "Patriot" persona and forgave his fashionista for her "infidelity."

"Gisele was on her cell a lot of time talking and cooing with him," her spy said. "She still seems so smitten and anxious to get back."

And despite being the world’s highest-paid doll for designers, this glam girl disses any "diet."

"She ate anything and everything," our snitch said. "Bundchen even made a call to room-service for a late-night fix of fries."

Meanwhile, rumors are rumbling that Gisele could be an official "Brady Bunch" star soon.

According to our insider, the runway royal has been slowly reducing her traditional model duties and is "ready to move into a new phase of life both professionally and personally."

'Grrr Baby Grrr': Casey Affleck Angers Movie Reviewers

Note to Casey Affleck: Peeving the press while interviewing for your big brother’s directorial debut probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do.

Despite contributing his fresh face for the film, the younger Affleck (who stars as a private investigator in search of a missing child in Ben Affleck's heart-racing thriller "Gone Baby Gone") doesn’t have the off-camera connection, concentration or common sense of his big bro.

FOX was flabbergasted by Affleck Jr.'s one-word answers, whistling, fidgeting and his focus on the interviewer’s fancy footwear rather than his own film during press day.

The 32-year-old father even continued to interrupt the interview with comments like "Aren’t you sweet" when asked about the serious storyline.

Hello — this is your brother’s breakthrough big picture!

But FOX wasn’t alone. A number of other media outlets made reference to his rudeness — with one network telling us that "he forgets that nobody knows him as Casey Affleck, just as Ben Affleck’s baby bro" and another saying "and to think I thought he was disrespectful at 'Ocean’s Thirteen' — never again."

Oscar-winning Ben, on the other hand, seems to work much more brutally for his buck by actually positively promoting his first (and fabulous) feature as director.

"I’ve been around a lot of sets, but I never anticipated just how much directing would fill me with the combination of both fear and exhilaration," Ben said. "I didn’t know how big a job this would be."

Click here to watch Ben talk about being boss

And while the Boston-born bros may both have homes in Hollywood, Ben and Casey never will be comfortable in California — and that’s probably the only thing these two have in common.

"I do find it difficult to put myself out there enough to really trust anyone in the biz," Casey finally said in agreement with his senior sibling.

And it appears as though Ben is more than happy to have made the move from diva to director. The screen sensation told the upcoming issue of Details magazine that his 2002 romantic relationship with Jennifer Lopez was "probably bad" for his career.

'Legally Bound': What Wasn't Witherspoon Allowed to Answer?

Reese Witherspoon will always be the sweetest of starlets, but probe anything other than her professional life and her lips will become "Legally Bound."

The Academy Award-winning actress and her on-again/off-again romantic interest, Jake Gyllenhaal, star together in the upcoming thriller "Rendition," but even asking how she handles the hot-headed press probing into her personal life is like "Walking the Line" in Witherspoon’s world.

The almost-always articulate actress seemed strangely scared by the standard query. She screwed up her face and shook her head, prompting a publicist to stage a sudden intervention.

Click here to watch

Why so overprotective?

According to an actress close to Reese, her approach for all interviews is to steer completely clear of "anything outside work" because her words too often are warped and she doesn’t want to be "burned."

Gyllenhaal, however, had a much more open opinion on the media and its meddling ways.

"I don’t hold it against people for wanting to know about our personal lives and reading all those magazines and what not," he said.

"Our world is in a very bad place at the moment, so I think it is only appropriate that people look to other things and have an interest in all the drama and happenings of celebrity lives, and I hope that at some point I can help the public sedate and escape what’s really happening in the outside world."

Meanwhile, Aussie actress Abbie Cornish (who has been blamed by the press as the "other woman" in the break-up between Reese and Ryan Phillippe) handles her headlines simply by retreating Down Under.

"I am lucky I don’t live in L.A. so I can go back to Sydney and kind of escape it all," she told FOX. "I’m serious about my craft, and people have to understand that most of what is said about celebrities is made up by the media. I just have to stay away."

Star-Spotting: Spears Gets Four-Star Retreat and L.C.'s Pound-Popping Plot Exposed

After bumming from one end of Tinseltown to the other on Wednesday, Britney Spears and Cousin It (otherwise known as Spears' cousin Alli Sims) finally decided the prime place for publicity would be none other than the Beverly Wilshire hotel in Beverly Hills.

A Pop Tarts spy happened to be leaving a film's press day when Alli and Brit bumped up in Spears' maimed Mercedes, causing a sudden surge of fierce photogs.

Fearing for their life, our inside source was forced up against a wall to escape the paps trying to get snaps of the two checking in. (Who knows why Brit needs a hotel room when she has two residences in L.A. already?)

After posing for pics, Spears finally said "Gimme Less" and retreated to an upstairs room for privacy.

However, something that looks likely to deepen the diva's depression (aside from the fact that the court refused to reverse an order giving Kevin Federline full custody of her sons) is news that Alli, the only person who seems to have been able to stay close to Spears, has broken away from the Britster.

"Extra" reported on Thursday that the aspiring singer stormed out of Spears' home and had her belongings transported to a condo in Marina Del Ray. Ironically, Britney's mom, Lynne Spears, apparently also owns a condo in the very same complex, although Sims insists this was no influencing factor.

But Alli has been trying to break free from the Britster for some time.

"I've been planning this for six months; I've just been doing it slowly," she told "Extra." "I've had an apartment all along."

Meanwhile, we’ve also discovered how to become hot as "The Hills" by losing loads of lard like Lauren Conrad. For the second time in the last few days, Pop Tarts spotted L.C. and her pals Whitney and Audrina in their high-heels at Whole Foods. The glammed-up gals glided anonymously through the Park Le Brea branch with their small salads in snack packs — a cashier confirming that they like getting greens before going out.

'Unemployable' Lindsay Lohan Cruising From Coke to College?

Unlike Tinseltown troublemaker Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan seems to be striving toward a successful graduation from rehabilitation.

The "Bobby" beauty celebrates 60 days in her Utah lockdown on Wednesday, and according to insiders she has no immediate intentions of leaving the lodge.

But while everything is looking lush in Lindsay’s personal life, it seems she may have to "Li-Lo" for a while or search for a new skill if she wants to further boost her bountiful bank balance.

"It will most likely take years of perfect behavior before Lindsay will work again," a very high-profile Paramount producer told Pop Tarts. "It will literally cost a network millions to insure her for a movie and as talented as she is, it is highly unlikely that studios will be quick to get (her) back on the set."

So even if Lohan really is reformed, it appears time is her only ticket back into the business.

But according to a friend of the "Freaky Friday" femme fatale, Lohan hates Hollywood and intends to boost her brain instead.

"Despite what so many people think, Lindsay is an incredibly smart girl and always wanted to have that college experience," our source said. "She’s looked into a few institutions on the east coast and will most likely major in something like psychology. At this stage, NYU is a hot favorite."

Pop Tarts also has learned that her father, Michael Lohan, arrived at the Cirque Lodge facility on Monday night to spend five days with his daughter, and apparently the two are preparing applications for Linds to start studying in the spring.

Calls to Li-Lo’s rep were not immediately returned.

Spears' Supplier: Is Someone Giving Britney Drugs?

While no official confirmation has been made, it is largely speculated that the Britney Spears saga has been sparked by a drug habit. In fact, one of the reasons she lost her kids is she failed to show up for a court-mandated drug and alcohol test.

While no pap snaps have captured the depressed diva doing any dirty deeds, inside sources have told Pop Tarts that Brit’s expressionless face and bizarre behavior is due to a "Crazy" cocaine addiction.

"What people don’t realize is that an addiction is an addiction — you lose touch with reality; it’s like being on the outside of yourself looking in," a recovering coke addict (who wished to remain anonymous) admitted. "You aren’t always aware of what you are doing, and unfortunately in Britney’s case she has two children and there's so much more at stake when you’re a parent."

But the question remains: Who, if anyone, is secretly supplying Spears with her stimulants?

Inside speculation suggests it may come via her protection posse or driver. So the pop princess may not be terribly talented at keeping her kids, but if Brit really does have a drug dilemma, she is certainly savvy at keeping her supplier out of the spotlight.

And while a number of media outlets are saying that Spears successfully sat for her California driver's license on Monday, Tony Potts (host of MyNetworkTV’s new Monday night series "Celebrity Expose") has told Pop Tarts that Spears was requested to return to the DMV on Tuesday as she failed to fill out the application correctly.

"This once again could serve as an example of Spears and her addiction, a short attention span and difficulty retaining information," our source said.

So amid this Spears saga, is her "real" family still trying to reach out?

"Both Britney’s brother and sister Jamie tried to stage an intervention on Monday after news broke loose that she lost the kids," Potts said. "But typically, Britney pushed them both away. And what’s so sad is that she has now lost the only two people in the world who can love her unconditionally just for who she is — her sons."

Cate's Claim: 'Sex and the City' Concept Is Nothing New

Approaching middle age and still being single is something we associate with Carrie Bradshaw and her fashionable friends on "Sex and the City." But according to Cate Blanchett, this prospect was prominent in the 1500s.

The "Babel" beauty brings back "Elizabeth" in Shekhar Kapur’s sequel "Elizabeth: The Golden Age," and it seems the character is just as frightened of falling for someone as Samantha Jones is.

Video: Cate Says Falling in Love Can Be Scary

"This isn’t the first time Elizabeth falls in love — she has a lot of male courtiers and incestuous relationships," Blanchett told FOX. "But she’s a middle-aged woman and finding 'the one' is terrifying … a lot of us find the concept of falling in love just terrifying."

And how did the Australian A-lister prepare for her sex change as the star of "I’m Not There," in which she plays lyrical legend Bob Dylan?

"Well, the first thing I did was learn to play the guitar," Blanchett said.

Britney Tans, Goes to DMV After Releasing Boys

Kevin Federline successfully swindled his sons from Britney Spears on Monday (at least temporarily), and while the former backup dancer was doing Daddy duty, his ex-wife seemed to be celebrating with some self-indulgence.

With the boys off her hands, the Britster boogied her way to a Bel-Air tanning salon, and according to an eyewitness she was "smiling sweetly and almost seemed relieved" — but only after she (finally) made a guest appearance at the DMV in Van Nuys to sit for her written California license exam. That’s our girl!

And after such a big day, Brit obviously felt like she deserved a beverage, and apparently hightailed it to the Peninsula Hotel, where she was seen sipping something (it was unclear whether it was a soft drink or something stronger.)

According to an inside source, Britney was totally emotionless and continued with her day-to-day duties after being informed that her sons would be residents of Fed-Ex's home.

X17 Online snapped the songstress taking her boys, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, going through the Carl’s Jr. drive-thru for a fast-food fix Monday afternoon before handing them over to K-Fed’s bodyguard at a designated meeting point.

An eyewitness said Spears was smiling, seemingly unaffected by the incident, and once again it appeared as though Brit Brit was driving (without a valid California license?!)

Another custody hearing was scheduled for Wednesday.

• Missed Drug and Alcohol Test, License Problems Led to Britney's Custody Loss

And despite all the speculation that the almost-unemployed Fed-Ex went after the kids simply because he wanted a big bite of Brit’s bursting bank balance, could it be possible he just wants the best for his baby boys?

"Everybody needs to back off and give him (Kevin) a break; he is doing what any normal, loving father would do and that is strive for the best for his sons," a Federline friend told Pop Tarts. "It’s not a money thing at all; he could definitely make enough to live a comfortable life. There is no hidden agenda behind any of this."

So why isn’t he pushing to be the sole parent of his first two children with Shar Jackson?

"Shar is an amazing mother and the two work very amicably," our insider answered. "There would be no need for him to try and change the arrangement with Shar. Remember, Kevin knows a lot more of what goes on with Britney behind closed doors, and he knows it isn’t appropriate to expose his children to that."

Sore Stiller: Ben Has 'Bending' Blues in the Bedroom

Ben Stiller may be a mega movie star, but it seems he still has a few sagas when it comes to his screen sex life.

"I found a lot of the bedroom scenes got painful, stretching wise — I am not as flexible as I would like to be," Stiller told FOX while discussing his new film, "The Heartbreak Kid."

"Since the movie, I’ve been doing Pilates, which has helped open me up. But after those sex scenes, I was very sore later."

And it also is comforting to know that like the rest of us, another sore spot for Stiller was his dating days.

"A lot of my dates were bad, but I think that is what dating is," he said. "You go out with a person hoping they’ll be everything you want them to be and every time you go out you find out something else you don’t like about that person."

Video: Stiller talks sex, spouses and soul mates

However, now that Ben is happily hitched to actress Christine Taylor, he "dates a lot less" and finds playing the dating game much "more fun because he knows the person really well."

But despair not, ladies — Ben doesn’t necessarily believe we only have one true love.

"I think it’s pretty limiting to say we only have one soul mate in life," he said.

Meanwhile, the Farrelly Brothers (who directed the film and are also responsible for the racy romps in "There’s Something About Mary" and "Dumb and Dumber") admitted they would like their next film to be based around some married guys whose wives give them one week off from marriage.

And it seems the slapstick siblings have a "Cinderella Man" crush.

"We think Russell Crowe is much better looking than Brad Pitt, much hotter," they said.

Busted: Why Was Meg Ryan’s BMW in Russell Crowe’s Garage?

Speaking of Russell Crowe, it seems when a romance with him is ruptured, love isn’t the only thing lost.

Crowe may have been happily hitched to Danielle Spencer for over four years, but Pop Tarts has learned that the legacy of his love affair with Meg Ryan still was "beaming" bright long-after the breakup.

The dramatic duo met on the set of "The Proof of Life" in 2000 amid Meg’s divorce from Dennis Quaid, and a relationship quickly resulted.

And according to our inside sources, the "City of Angels" star bought a brand new BMW convertible to drive around in every time she went to Russell’s residence Down Under.

But once the fondness fizzled out (just a few months after it began), Ryan left her costly car at Crowe’s home where it simply "sat unused" up until recently when it was finally sold.

Letterman Peeves Paris

Paris Hilton is trying desperately to move on from her stint in the slammer by releasing a fragrance, starring in the rock opera "Repo!" and announcing a charity trip to Rwanda — but it appears as though everyone still just wants to discuss her dramatic detainment in the dungeon.

The hotel heiress appeared on the "Late Show With David Letterman" last week to plug and promote her upcoming projects, but Letterman continued to crush Paris with his jail-related queries.

"I really don’t want to talk about it anymore," the "Simple Life" star finally said.

But the host refused to be beaten by the blond beauty, announcing that that was all he "wanted to talk about" and pressed on with his prison prattle.

Paris soon started to pout, telling Letterman that he "was making her sad to be here."

Click here to watch

Miley Cyrus Is No Sex Siren

Disney diva Miley Cyrus may recently have told FOX that her biggest worry was "suffering a wardrobe malfunction" in public, but the 14-year-old 'tween idol seems to be ensuring that nobody puts her in the same sentence as disgraced Disney star Vanessa Hudgens.

Cyrus made it extra clear on "Extra" that she was by no means pregnant, as falsely reported by various publications last week, even going so far as to make the inspiring proclamation that she wouldn’t go all the way until her wedding day.

But it seems daddy Billy Ray is getting ready for his "Hannah Montana" to enter some troubled Tinseltown teen years.

"It is a tough business, and I understand and accept that as Miley grows up and wants to experiment in different things, she will make some bad decisions," the country crooner told FOXNews.com.

Britney Spears Surrenders Her Sons

Kevin Federline's master plan to gain full custody of his kids was successful Monday afternoon, and it seems Britney Spears was either sedated or just very self-controlled when she heard the news.

According to an inside source, Britney was totally emotionless and continued with her day-to-day duties after being informed that her sons would be residents of Fed-Ex's home.

Spears had until 12 p.m. Wednesday to hand over her baby boys, but apparently the "Crazy" crooner has done so already.

X17 Online snapped the songstress taking her boys, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, going through the Carl’s Jr. drive-thru for a fast-food fix Monday afternoon before handing them over to K-Fed’s bodyguard at a designated meeting point.

An eyewitness said Spears was smiling, seemingly unaffected by the incident — and once again, it appeared as though Brit Brit was driving (without a valid California license?!)

However, many fear that the devastating news could be detrimental for the depressed diva once she comes to terms with what has happened.

"This bodes very badly for Britney, who is already very fragile emotionally. The potential complete loss of custody for Britney could shatter her fragile world," said celebrity life coach and human behavior expert Patrick Wanis.

"The danger is that given that she has been living in denial of her problem and refusing to fully embrace help and therapy, this latest development in her tragic story may simply result in her turning even more to drugs and alcohol to help her deaden her pain and hide her real issues."

But don’t expect Britney to back down, y’all. Pop Tarts has learned that another custody hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday. A rep for the pop princess recently told us that the allegations against Spears were unfounded and that she was an "excellent mother who always puts her children first."

Pop Tarts also spoke briefly to Britney’s former long-time manager, Larry Rudolph, who couldn’t "bring himself to discuss Britney" and her bad news but made it clear that his thoughts are with his pop prodigy.

A Playboy Bed for Britney?

Just as it seems Britney Spears is without support from family or fans, the pop princess has been offered plenty of brand-new beds to bunny-hop on.

Pop Tarts caught up with “Girls Next Door” glamour-girl Kendra Wilkinson at Saturday’s “Strike Force at the Mansion” party, and the bubbly blonde was happy to send some sheets Spears' way.

“Oh yeah, she can stay with me," Kendra said. "I’ll make sure she doesn’t misbehave."

But this isn’t the first time the “Crazy” crooner has been offered a pillow at a pad belonging to a high-profile person.

Former *NSYNC singer Joey Fatone is headed for the sunny skies of Australia this week to host the reality show “The Singing Bee,” so he kindly offered Britney the opportunity to escape the limelight inside his Florida abode.

But who else wants to be bedroom buddies with the Britster?

“American Idol” judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul recently told FOX that they were happy to house Britney and bring her back as a success story, and late last year, Rosie O’Donnell urged the songstress to turn away from her panty-free party pals and reside with her, her partner Kelli and their kids.

So with all this star-studded love, Spears should certainly be feeling like a “Lucky” girl. Let's hope she soon realizes she can overcome any obstacles — but only when the door of denial is destroyed

Where Brit is less lucky is in the driving department. Amid rumors that Spears has been driving without a license for some time, star gazers at TMZ.com reported Monday that they'd shot video of Britney driving "here and there" around Los Angeles over the weekend, but the California Department of Motor Vehicles said she doesn't have a license.

"At this point, Britney Spears does not have a valid California driver's license," the DMV told TMZ. "She has an application pending that she never completed."

Click here for pics

Natalie Goes Nude

The world is about to get much “Closer” to one of the world’s most tantalizing and talented actresses — Natalie Portman.

The “Stars Wars” sensation gets sensual (and stark naked) in “Hotel Chevalier” — the 13-minute prequel to Wes Anderson’s “The Darjeeling Limited."

Click here for pics (Warning: contains nudity)

Stripping down to nothing but socks, pics of Portman show her parading through the bedroom followed by her first-ever screen sex scene, which is set in a hotel room in India.

But here’s a memo to the millions of men anticipating a flick with a filthy flavor — according to a Portman pal, she “has far too much integrity to do anything that isn’t artistically inspired.”

More Than One Night in Pamela: Anderson to Marry Sex-Tape Salomon

It looks like Pamela Anderson is prepping to parade down the aisle (again) with her latest lover, Rick Salomon (who was made famous as Paris Hilton’s co-star in the homemade "1 Night in Paris").

Anderson, who told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month that she was already sporting a new "rock" of engagement, and Salomon applied for and were granted a wedding license on Saturday, and we hear they are set to make it official any day now in the oh-so-classy "Little White Chapel."

Click Here to View the Marriage License

The famous little service center on the strip also has hosted the ceremonies for the likes of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Jason Alexander, and Mickey Rooney (twice).

So judging from the alumni, it looks like the "Baywatch" babe and her Salomon are set for a very long-lasting life together. …

Insiders also are speculating that the two will establish a permanent pad in Sin City. But will this put a pebble through Kid Rock’s heart?

A close friend of Rock (who was getting ready to release a new album, "Rock & Roll Jesus," next week) says this will seriously devastate Kid, who was married to the Playmate for three months in 2006.

"He still has very strong feelings for Pamela," the source said. "I think he always will. Her getting re-married will take a long time for him to get over."

Nick Cannon’s 'Secret'

Nick Cannon may be engaged to one of Victoria’s Secret’s sexiest supermodels, Selita Ebanks, but the actor and top DJ certainly won’t be scratching or spinning any of the millions of men who have looked at his leggy lady in her lingerie.

“I don’t mind that so many guys have seen Selita in her underwear — in fact, to tell you the truth, I kind of like it," he told FOX at the “Declare Yourself Celebrates 18” party in Beverly Hills last week while encouraging all young adults to register to vote.

Video: Click here to watch our chat with Nick

So when it comes to plugging politics, Cannon’s clever campaign is to simultaneously have the first female president and the first African-American president.

“I wish Oprah would have run — then we could have had both of those,” he said.

And while Cannon claims that so few youngsters vote because “we have become part of a generation that is extremely lazy,” the official spokeswoman for the campaign, barely legal Hayden “Heroes” Panettiere, says it is because “when they think about turning 18 they only think of being able to buy cigarettes.”

We’re pretty sure the bouncy blonde is speaking from experience, judging from her recent birthday appearance on the "Late Show With David Letterman," in which she said that turning 18 meant “being able to buy porn and cigarettes” while the late night host had to coax a more inspirational answer from her.

Meanwhile, the political partier has found a new pal in the suddenly skinny Rumer Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore).

Panettiere was obsessed with Rumer’s new blond crop, and the two girls gossiped the night away while joined at the hip.

And while her star-studded parents may have helped her understand style, the pending star of the Playboy film “I Know What Boys Like” admits she doesn’t know much about the woes of the world.

“I wish I followed the news more,” Willis said. “I feel like the scariest thing to me is that a lot of young people don’t take action and try to make the world a better place. Young people don’t really tend to think about the future — it’s all kind of 'in the moment.'”

Justin Timberlake also showed off his “SexyBack” body for 20 minutes at the star-studded event, proving he is “Love Stoned” for Jessica Biel by high-tailing it from “The Hills” hotties.

"Whitney Port and Heidi Montag were walking toward Timberlake, but he looked and quickly walked the other way,” our spy said.

But the snub did nothing to pop their party personas, as these two glamour girls were the last to leave after the lights came on.

Victoria's Virgin: Supermodel Inspires Celibacy

Six of the world’s sexiest supermodels — Adriana Lima , Karolina Kurkova, Selita Ebanks, Izabel Goulart, Alessandra Ambrosio and the “New Gisele” Australian Miranda Kerr — have found some new “wings."

World-famous lingerie label Victoria’s Secret and airline Virgin America officially announced their alliance this week, with the new “Airline of the Angels” set to transport 27 of the leggy ladies from New York to Los Angeles for their annual stage show on Nov. 15.

Click here for a pic of Victoria's 'Virgins'

Pop Tarts has also learned that the boarding passes will be better than heaven as the girls (and a lucky few) will be partying in their “Pink” pajamas during the cross-country flight.

And while the sex lives of five of the six supermodels remains “Secret," self-confessed virgin Adriana Lima seems to be among the celebs inspiring an emerging movement toward celibacy.

“Thanks to Adriana, all my friends and I are advocating chastity,” UCLA student Kate Jones, 20, told FOXNews.com. “We believe a lot of young girls have forgotten how to respect themselves, and it’s about time we went back to some old-fashioned values."

The abstaining young women spend time blogging and voicing their views on various Internet sites, using the Victoria's Secret and Maybelline model as their inspiration.

“There is definitely is an upcoming trend to wait until marriage even if it doesn’t have a religious motivation,” a Hollywood-based psychologist added. “It’s a positive way for young women to hold on to some power and independence."

Last year, Lima confessed to men’s mag GQ that she planned to stay away from bedroom buddies until her wedding night, despite the fact that millions of men have already seen her in next to nothing.

"They have to respect that this is my choice," the 26-year-old Brazilian babe said. "If there's no respect, that means they don't want me."

Five-Finger Drug Discount? 'Jackass' Claims Lohan Stole His Coke

Jovial "Jackass" Steve-O says there is more to Lindsay Lohan’s troubles than just a drug addiction — he says the “Bobby” beauty steals the stuff, too.

The crackpot comic appeared on "The Howard Stern Show" Wednesday morning, revealing to the world that Li-Lo once went into his bathroom and bagged a bag of his “Boog Suge” (aka cocaine).

Meanwhile, it seems he isn’t much of a fan of Luke Wilson, either.

Jackass recently hired a bleeper plane to soar through the skies of Malibu with “The Family Stone” star’s cell number attached to the sign on the back.

When Pop Tarts (and the thousands of others basking on the beach) tried to call Wilson, we got as far as the voice mail service. Needless to say, his digits were disconnected within an hour.

More Racy Vanessa Hudgens Photos Emerge

Just as "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens thought she was over the worst of the uproar surrounding her naked photo scandal, the teen idol has been slapped with a fresh stack of sexy snaps.

The new photos, purportedly of Hudgens, show the starlet flaunting her figure in her underwear with friends.

Click here for pics (Warning: photos may be offensive to some viewers.)

FOXNews.com has learned that the pics were apparently taken at a party with pals some years ago, before Hudgens was swept into the fame game.

“How many teens haven’t done something like this? It’s normal at that adolescent age to do something a little risqué and experimental,” a source close to the screen star said. “What’s happening to Vanessa is classic exploitation. Like many others before her, she is the victim of so-called ‘friends’ leaking pictures to scam a buck or two. It’s disgusting.”

But is there something to be said about the fact that the most troubled in Tinseltown are Disney alumni?

After all, Britney Spears got her big break as a Mouseketeer and Lindsay Lohan launched her career in Disney’s “The Parent Trap.” Now Hudgens is the latest Disney bad girl.

"I’m not surprised,” an entertainment psychologist told Pop Tarts. “Often when celebrities are catering to this younger demographic, they experience a type of subconscious rebellion. It’s usually not directly related, but it does affect some individuals in the sense that they try to break out of their wholesome persona in their personal life because they can’t do it in their professional life."

Sexiest Superhero: Jessica Biel Becoming 'Wonder Woman'?

She’s already lived in “7th Heaven” — but is Jessica Biel, the woman with every man’s fantasy figure, now poised to play the crème de la crème of comic-book females?

While Warner Bros. has declined to confirm the claims, rumors are running rampant that Biel will star as Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Justice League of America” flick, which will feature a feast of superheroes from Batman and Superman to Aquaman and the Flash — all working together to fight the forces of evil.

Director George Miller is said to be in talks with Biel, who dates Justin Timberlake; however, Pop Tarts has been told that “Buffy” gal Sarah Michelle Gellar is also a contender for the role.

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