Oct. 2, 2007: Your Grrrs

Now for your Grrrs:

Chris M. writes: Dude, screw that. You may have enjoyed your Taser experience, but saying that using a Taser on someone is not very bad only opens the doors for the police to use it in any situation. Let me come and watch your next date when every woman in the U.S. is carrying a Taser. Slip in for that goodnight kiss and go home with a couple hours of the jitters. Give me a break dude. Although I think you are funny at times with your rants, this one was the stupidest one yet. Every cop running around Tasing everyone for what they deem is prudent use is BS in my opinion. Anyway, like your column. You can't be right all the time. LOL

Steve writes: Here's another aspect of the football-commercial thing. I took my son out to see the Ravens-Cardinals game last Sunday. Baltimore is pretty much dominating when the Cards pull the best executed on-side kick I have ever seen after a field goal in the third quarter. Instead of being able to take advantage of the momentum shift and some possible confusion in the Baltimore D, both teams stood around during the usual post-kickoff commercial break. Plenty of time for the Ravens D to get over the shock and have their act together on the next snap. I'm a Ravens fan, but that ruined what should have been a pure football moment. BTW: Tasering should be standard punishment for all grandstanding jerks. :-)

Jason K. writes: OK ... as for the Sally Field/Emmy GRRR, I really only have one thing to say about that. Well, my GRRR really only goes to Sally Field and the responders like Erin C. who are “sick of prudish censors…” and Alex E. who seems really shocked that someone is offended by “GD”; anyone who calls themselves or claims to be a Christian should be offended by a washed up has-been taking our Lord and Savior’s name in vain.

Bev R. writes: Did you notice the commercials in Spanish during the Cowboy/Bears game? THAT pissed me off more than anything. When I woke up Sunday morning, this was still America and we speak ENGLISH here! Keep up the good work, Mike!

Bryan C. writes: Regarding your column on Andrew Mayer being Tasered, I was a police officer for 27 years and I cannot remember a time when four officers could not handle one young man without using a nightstick, mace or anything else other than physical restraint. The only exception being someone on PCP or meth because they feel no pain and are therefore extremely strong.

The one thing about football that grrrrs me more than commercials (because my DVR aids me with commercials) are the announcers. Used to be they were annoying when they talked about the game. But now, they spend most of the time talking about stuff unrelated to the game. They talk about other coaches, who has to do what, what team needs to replace so and so. It is especially worse if one of the teams playing is either Virginia Tech, or from the state of Louisiana. Or if one of the starting players is from Louisiana. Then you get to listen to how they are going to be playing with a lot of emotion because of Katrina or because of the shootings. How this team is a changed team because of the shootings or Katrina. I mean it gets old after a while. If I could, I would turn the sound off, but I like hearing the hits.