Pop Tarts: More Than One Night in Pamela: Anderson to Marry Sex-Tape Salomon

It looks like Pamela Anderson is prepping to parade down the aisle (again) with her latest lover, Rick Salomon (who was made famous as Hilton’s co-star in the homemade "1 Night in Paris"). The busty blonde told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month she already was sporting a new "rock" of engagement.

According to KVBC in Las Vegas, the comely couple applied for and were granted a wedding license on Saturday and were set to consummate their connection with a "quickie" any day now (even as early as Sunday) in the oh-so-classy "Little White Chapel."

The famous little service center on the strip also has hosted the ceremonies for the likes of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Jason Alexander and Mickey Rooney (twice). So judging from the alumni, it looks like the "Baywatch" babe and her Salomon are set for a very long-lasting life together…

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Insiders also are speculating that the two will establish a permanent pad in Sin City. But will this put a pebble through Kid Rock’s romantic heart?

A close friend of the music mogul (who was getting ready to release a new album, "Rock & Roll Jesus," next week) says this will seriously devastate Kid, who was married to the Playmate for three months in 2006.

"He still has very strong feelings for Pamela," the source said. "I think he always will. Her getting re-married will take a long time for him to get over."

Victoria's Virgin: Supermodel Inspires Celibacy

Six of the world’s sexiest supermodels — Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Selita Ebanks, Izabel Goulart, Alessandra Ambrosio and the “New Gisele” Australian Miranda Kerr — have found some new “wings."

World-famous lingerie label Victoria’s Secret and airline Virgin America officially announced their alliance this week, with the new “Airline of the Angels” set to transport 27 of the leggy ladies from New York to Los Angeles for their annual stage show on Nov. 15.

Click here for a pic of Victoria's 'Virgins'

Pop Tarts has also learned that the boarding passes will be better than heaven as the girls (and a lucky few) will be partying in their “Pink” pajamas during the cross-country flight.

And while the sex lives of five of the six supermodels remains “Secret," self-confessed virgin Adriana Lima seems to be among the celebs inspiring an emerging movement toward celibacy.

“Thanks to Adriana, all my friends and I are advocating chastity,” 20-year-old UCLA student Kate Jones told FOXNews.com. “We believe a lot of young girls have forgotten how to respect themselves, and it’s about time we went back to some old-fashioned values."

The abstaining young women spend time blogging and voicing their views on various Internet sites, using the Victoria's Secret and Maybelline model as their inspiration.

“There is definitely is an upcoming trend to wait until marriage even if it doesn’t have a religious motivation,” added a Hollywood-based psychologist. “It’s a positive way for young women to hold on to some power and independence."

Last year, Lima confessed to men’s mag GQ that she planned to stay away from bedroom buddies until her wedding night, despite the fact that millions of men have already seen her in next to nothing.

"They have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me,” said the 26-year-old Brazilian babe.

Five-Finger Drug Discount? 'Jackass' Claims Lohan Stole His Coke

Jovial "Jackass" Steve-O says there is more to Lindsay Lohan’s troubles than just a drug addiction — he says the “Bobby” beauty steals the stuff, too.

The crackpot comic appeared on "The Howard Stern Show" Wednesday morning, revealing to the world that Li-Lo once went into his bathroom and bagged a bag of his “Boog Suge” (aka cocaine).

Meanwhile, it seems he isn’t much of a fan of Luke Wilson, either.

Jackass recently hired a bleeper plane to soar through the skies of Malibu with “The Family Stone” star’s cell number attached to the sign on the back.

When Pop Tarts (and the thousands of others basking on the beach) tried to call Wilson, we got as far as the voice mail service. Needless to say, his digits were disconnected within an hour.

'Sex Pistols' Madman Johnny Rotten Repulsed by 'Idol'; What Does He Think of Britney?

Johnny Rotten may be more well known in the entertainment industry for his wild ways and temper tantrums rather than his singing skills in the Sex Pistols, but the British bad boy insists he has more musical knowledge than anyone involved in “American Idol."

"'American Idol' is far from the truth — it is tailored to sell a format, and I’m very dubious about the entire production,” the punk rocker told FOX. “It’s far too catastrophic and overblown. The show is destructive.”

Rotten also believes that (unlike caustic Simon Cowell) he cares for budding bands and aspiring artists from the “bottom of his heart."

“I understand the destructive side of the music industry — it’s a very risky thing to be competing for record contracts,” he said. “But I’m old-hat at this; I know how to handle the egos and the a—holes.”

And for those of you who think Johnny is a just a madman, he wants you to know that deep down he has softened into a sweet soul.

“Right now I just love working with cameras and television — it’s just amazing,” Rotten said. “I love nature programs … meeting up close and personal with great white sharks, shaking hands with a gorilla in the Congo…”

Click here to watch Rotten rag on 'Idol' and nurture nature

But when it comes to admitting to his perennial partying in the '80s, Rotten’s rhythm is all about his innocence.

“I’ve never hurt anyone or stolen songs or ideas like a lot of others,” he argued.

And what does he really think of the Tinseltown troubles of today?

“I couldn’t care less about young Hollywood … it doesn’t affect me,” Johnny responded. “I couldn’t care less about talentless half-wits … the Britneys and all. It really is anarchy TV.”

But he did have an answer as to why Paris is so popular with the paparazzi.

“I think her mother pays them,” he said.

Simon's Secret: Cowell's Home Haunted by His Own 'Idol'

Speaking of Simon, Pop Tarts has finally discovered that callous critic Cowell actually has someone in the music industry he “idolizes” — and his house will soon be haunted by the lyrical legend.

Pop Tarts spotted Simon at Thursday night’s Celebrity Vault Exhibition, which showcased dozens of never-before-seen snaps of Frank Sinatra by famed photographer Terry O'Neill.

It seems the reality record producer wants to wake up every day to a house filled with the “Fly With Me” man.

According to our snitch, Cowell's gorgeous girlfriend, "Extra" correspondent Terry Seymour, wanted to snag some memorabilia from Marilyn Monroe — but Simon was adamant that their house only should be haunted by Sinatra.

“Simon went home with a few of his favorite pieces — at this stage he is looking to buy about six photographs,” said our spy. “But he has requested the gallery be closed for a private viewing so they can make their final decision on Friday.”

And while chances are Cowell probably isn’t a huge fan of Victoria Beckham’s singing skills, he does like her house.

“After Simon heard that famed English interior designer Kelly Hoppen did the Beckhams' Beverly Hills home, he was very interested in having her put some style from his U.K. homeland back into his Hollywood house.”

More Racy Vanessa Hudgens Photos Emerge

Just as "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens thought she was over the worst of the uproar surrounding her naked photo scandal, the teen idol has been slapped with a fresh stack of sexy snaps.

The new photos, purportedly of Hudgens, show the starlet flaunting her figure in her underwear with friends.

Click here for pics (Warning: photos may be offensive to some viewers.)

FOXNews.com has learned that the pics were apparently taken at a party with pals some years ago, before Hudgens was swept into the fame game.

“How many teens haven’t done something like this? It’s normal at that adolescent age to do something a little risqué and experimental,” a source close to the screen star said. “What’s happening to Vanessa is classic exploitation. Like many others before her, she is the victim of so-called ‘friends’ leaking pictures to scam a buck or two. It’s disgusting.”

But is there something to be said about the fact that the most troubled in Tinseltown are Disney alumni?

After all, Britney Spears got her big break as a Mouseketeer and Lindsay Lohan launched her career in Disney’s “The Parent Trap.” Now Hudgens is the latest Disney bad girl.

"I’m not surprised,” an entertainment psychologist told Pop Tarts. “Often when celebrities are catering to this younger demographic, they experience a type of subconscious rebellion. It’s usually not directly related, but it does affect some individuals in the sense that they try to break out of their wholesome persona in their personal life because they can’t do it in their professional life."

Sexiest Superhero: Jessica Biel Becoming 'Wonder Woman'?

She’s already lived in “7th Heaven” — but is Jessica Biel, the woman with every man’s fantasy figure, now poised to play the crème de la crème of comic-book females?

While Warner Bros. has declined to confirm the claims, rumors are running rampant that Biel will star as Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Justice League of America” flick, which will feature a feast of superheroes from Batman and Superman to Aquaman and the Flash — all working together to fight the forces of evil.

Director George Miller is said to be in talks with Biel, who dates Justin Timberlake; however, Pop Tarts has been told that “Buffy” gal Sarah Michelle Gellar is also a contender for the role.

The New Angelina? Paris Hilton Headed for Rwanda

Paris Hilton has headed from parties to prison to poverty.

The hotel heiress just announced that she will spice up her “Simple Life” in November with a charitable cruise through one of the world’s poorest places, Rwanda.

Although Hilton’s rep says it isn’t 100 percent confirmed, the blond beauty will be teaming with the Playing For Good charity to raise awareness about child illnesses and impoverishment in the area as part of her post-prison plan to “give back” to those less fortunate than herself.

“I want to help others as much as I can,” Hilton recently told FOX. “Especially children.”

Another rep for the reality star confirmed that her career focus is now geared toward working with numerous charities.

Humanitarian Hilton is also planning to adopt the Tinseltown trend of going green with her new Beverly Hills home.

“I try to do as much as I can for the environment,” Paris also told FOX. “It’s the little things like recycling cans that count."

So has Paris really changed since her stint in the slammer? And is the media too mean to her?

“She gets a lot of bad press,” said Christine Lakin (who co-stars with the socialite in the film “The Hottie and the Nottie,” due out next year). “But in all honesty, she is one of the nicest and sweetest people I have ever met. She really took me under her wing and made me feel very welcome — I really enjoyed spending time with her.”

However, another source who has worked with Hilton says there is no need for us to feel sorry for the perennial party girl.

“Her people used to send out a daily tip sheet of where she would be that day,” the insider told Pop Tarts. “Paris wanted the attention."

Pageant Problems: Miss USA Gets Mad While Miss Universe Gets Slammed for Faking Foreign Features?

The New York Daily News reported earlier this week that Miss USA Rachel Smith slammed Katie Couric by saying wanted to be a journalist whom people “took seriously" — and that she didn't want to end up like Couric.

But the tantalizing Tennessee native has hit back at the publication via her Missusa.com personal blog, insisting that her words were warped by writer Ben Widdicombe.

After being asked by a journalist from the paper about what her aspirations were post-reign, Rachel insists she responded:

“I would like to do something a little more entertainment-oriented, lighter news, unlike the news Katie Couric does, because I would like to still have the opportunity to do modeling jobs and endorsement opportunities. My credibility would be at risk if I tried to do those things while delivering hard news.”

Rachel added that she is actually a “huge fan of Ms. Couric’s,” and her request for the article to be amended was ignored.

Meanwhile, another of Donald Trump’s beauty queens, Miss Universe Riyo Mori of Japan, has maddened the media in her native nation by reportedly trying to make herself look “Western."

“We’re disappointed that Mori isn’t advocating her Asian features — she is such a beautiful girl, but every day she looks more and more Americanized,” a Japanese journalist told FOXNews.com. “One would think she would be proud of her origins, but she has made some people upset as it seems she is trying to cover them up."

Apparently, her homeland was particularly upset about photographs stemming from a photo shoot with The New York Daily News, where a made-up Mori “disguised her foreign features."

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Mark Cuban Wants Donald Trump to Know He's an 'Idiot'

It seems like Rosie O’Donnell has just secured herself a new friend in “Dancing With the Stars” diva Mark Cuban, who is worth a bountiful $5.7 billion.

While speaking with Tony Potts (who is also set to host the new My Network TV special “Celebrity Expose” commencing next Monday, Oct. 1) of "Access Hollywood," Cuban was told for the first time about The Donald referring to his buddy and former CBS anchor Dan Rather as a “loser."

In a cable-news appearance, Trump went on a tirade against Rather over his $70 million lawsuit against his former network, insisting that “his ratings were terrible.”

However, Cuban (in between swinging and salsa on “Dancing With the Stars”) is Rather's new boss on “Dan Rather Reports” and was in no mood to let Trump talk down his Dan.

“Donald Trump is a first-class idiot,” the Texan tycoon told Potts. “Nothing that comes out of his mouth has any validity or any value.”

But what is sure to get the war waging are Cuban’s cutting claims that Trump is an “unsuccessful” and “desperate” businessman.

“You can't go back and say Donald Trump was successful at anything other than one thing,” he added. “Trump water, Trump magazine, Trump dolls, Trump steak, Trump vodka. When you’re so desperate to make a dollar, you have to put your name on everything and then you have to comment on everything because you know. … you have to build everything off of denigrating somebody else.”

Calls to Trump’s rep were not immediately returned.

Sources Say Britney's to Blame for Paparazzi Problems

Despite living a relatively quiet life, “Let’s Get Loud” singer Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony can still empathize with the “intense media pressure” Britney Spears faces.

“It feels disgusting,” Anthony told “Access Hollywood” when explaining how it feels to be followed by packs of prying paparazzi. “It feels disgusting, period! You feel like prey. You feel like a slab of meat.”

The couple suggests back doors and secret routes as ways to avoid the paps.

But insiders say this is where the Britster bombs.

“Even though Britney hasn’t actually released an album for such a long time, she has remained in the limelight through making herself a tabloid target,” a former Spears employee told FOXNews.com. “She deliberately goes out in very public places where she knows the paps will be, but turns around and pretends that they are ruining her life.”

The employee recalled a recent incident at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills in which Brit insisted on “checking in” for just an hour or two for some tabloid treatment.

According to the source, Spears was advised by her people not to go anywhere near the hotel as dozens of cameras were there due to the fact that a few big-name films were holding press junkets that day.

However, this reportedly made the pop princess even more determined to go there.

“She caused an absolute frenzy with the media,” the source said. “She checked in, lay out by the pool in public view in her bikini and then left after just a couple of hours when it started to die down a bit. It was ridiculous. I don’t feel sorry for her, she totally asks for the attention.”

The owner of a prominent boutique in Beverly Hills where Brit regularly shops also suspects that the “Crazy” crooner even tells the photogs where she will be.

“The paparazzi start culminating outside hours before she even gets here,” the store owner said. “They are always given the heads up of approximate times she’ll be arriving, and often I receive a call as well. Sometimes it sounds like her bodyguard, but other times I’m sure it is Ms. Spears herself letting me know what time she’ll be here.”

Spears again threw herself into a spotlight saga in Santa Monica on Monday night as she drove through a car park with her sons in the back seat. The songstress swarmed through the packs of paps and almost “Did It Again” by stopping just short of slamming into another parked car.

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Actors Had Hard Time Filming Teen Rape Movie

Are we ready to face the frightening concept of a teenage boy being raped by another male on the big screen?

Actor-turned-director Griffin Dunne dips into this horrifying subject material in “Fierce People," due out in November.

“I’ve never seen it done in a movie before and it was a challenge to get funding given the concept,” Dunne told FOXNews.com. “It’s still very much a taboo subject, but the way I shot it was in an impressionable style. I focus on his face. … his emotions … It’s a dangerous and uncertain world, I trusted that Anton [Yelchin] as an actor would take strength from this.”

And at such an impressionable age, the on-screen victim struggled with the scene.

“It was a real weight off my shoulders after we shot that — it was incredibly unpleasant,” Yelchin (who was only 15 at the time of filming) said. “I invested everything I could in it and it was such a relief for me once I’d gotten past that point — I knew I’d done everything I could.”

Even the parents of the upcoming “Star Trek” movie star weren’t so supportive of such an on-screen violation.

“My mom was shocked — it was incredibly difficult for her to watch,” Anton said. “But I told her that this was my choice, this is my job.”

Even his messed-up movie mom (played by Diane Lane) was incredibly affected by the film.

“It wasn’t fun for me to play an embarrassment as a mother,” Lane said. “I was constantly telling myself that it wasn’t real and that I would be OK. … but I wanted to protect my son on-set. It’s hard to watch anyone have to experience something like that."

'Panic Room': Why Jodie Foster Is Living in Fear

She may be the star of hit film “The Brave One," but screen veteran Jodie Foster is just one of the millions of New Yorkers who still suffers “sleepless nights” and lives every day fearing another terrorist attack.

“New York is a place that’s beautiful and there's a cop on every single corner and it's safe — it's the safest big city in the world and Times Square looks like Disneyland,” Foster told FOX while promoting the new film.

"Yet underneath the surface, people are filled with fear and they don’t know why — whether it's all about the orange alerts, the red alerts, the yellow alerts, whether it's about seeing talcum powder in the subway and thinking what's going to happen next.

"Some of it is just the fear that's been living inside of us that we never knew was there, and I think that that fear turns to rage — especially when we think about what is happening in Iraq, etc.”

And even though Foster is saddened by the “state of the American soul," she has no plans to follow in the footsteps of Susan Sarandon or Sean Penn to push her political agenda.

“I’m not much of an activist, it’s just not what I do,” she said. “I’m not very good at it.”

But one thing the Academy-Award winner is good at is avoiding the paparazzi. Foster traipsed through Rome earlier this week sporting some unsightly sunglasses and a hearing aid, and was able to hit up tourist hotspots without any stress of being in the spotlight.

Binge Eating Disorder to Blame for Britney's Blues?

In the wake of claims by a former bodyguard that Britney Spears took drugs and demonstrated poor parenting skills, insiders are suggesting that at the center of her “Toxic” troubles is an eating disorder which she has suffered from since the start of her stardom.

“Growing up in the entertainment industry, Britney was always very aware of how important image is,” a dancer who worked with Spears when she hit the big time at just age 16 told FOXNews.com. “She established her fame on that famous little figure and would most days do over 1,000 sit-ups.”

The dancer also claimed that Spears suffered from extremes even back then. Brit would apparently guzzle gallons of Coke and polish off bags of Doritos, then “totally freak out” and drop to the ground to do more crunches.

According to experts, Britney is still tied to the image of herself as a taut teen and is in denial about the fact that she is now older, a mother of two and thus can no longer maintain the Size 0 physique.

“Her ‘hot body’ was the marketing point at the height of her success,” said one expert in the area of eating and exercise disorders. “This became her identity and it seems as though Spears is in denial that she is no longer that teeny tiny teen. In her head she is still super slim and sexy, which explains her demand to wear a very skimpy outfit at the VMAs. But when reality does catch up with the sufferer, they suddenly feel like they are living a nightmare and emotions run out of control.”

Earlier this year, one of Brit’s former nannies also spoke out about the pop princess’ physical insecurities and demands to be told she was thin and pretty, while an inside source told FOXnews.com that Spears went through a stint of “stunt-eating” after coming out of rehab.

“Brit lost quite a lot of weight while she was at Promises,” said the snitch. “When she came out she was planning her comeback tour at the House of Blues and really wanted to get back to the girl she was. But on top of taking lots of dance classes, Britney was barely eating. … ”

The source added that Spears would often be pap-snapped purchasing fatty fast-food, but it was “all an act.”

Yet rather than engaging in exercise and a healthy diet, friends now fear that the “Crazy” crooner has instead turned to extreme measures to pop the pounds.

OK! magazine is reporting that Spears is using an asthma inhaler to suppress appetite along with diet pills, and is even throwing up her food.

Insiders also recently told FOXNews.com that Britney had large volumes of the African appetite suppressant Hoodia shipped to her house.

Kiefer Sutherland Discusses the 'Danger' of Criminal Charges Before His Arrest

Strange things happen in the reel life of “24,” but could Kiefer Sutherland have jinxed his real life as well?

Sutherland was a hit at the FOX Fall TV Launch Party at Los Angeles' Area Nightclub on Monday night as he worked the crowd, but the screen star might have jinxed himself with talk of criminal charges for characters on the show.

Sutherland was arrested post-party in West Hollywood at 1.30 a.m. Tuesday — where, according to the LAPD police report, he was at twice the legal alcohol limit of 0.08.

It's the second DUI charge for the small-screen sensation, who was initially arrested in November 2004 after blowing a big .22 blood-alcohol reading.

Sutherland did catch up with FOX on the red carpet prior to entering the party palace, revealing some scandalous secrets about the upcoming season of “24.”

“The whole tone of the show is changed just because CTU is under investigation by the Senate, and criminal charges are in danger of being filed,” Sutherland said. “It sets a tone for all of the characters that are left that actually have come back from CTU in a very defensive posture, which is very different for the show.”

Video: Chatting With Kiefer

So if Sutherland was able to engage in a little foreshadowing, is he also able to accurately predict results of the 2008 presidential election?

“This season has also opened up a monumental cast shift for us, and we’ve had some great people come in. We have a female president which is a huge tonal shift,” he said.

But it seems as though Kiefer himself may soon be slapped with a “huge tonal shift” in terms of his personal residence — with the very real possibility of a move to a jail cell. Kiefer has violated the 5-year probation he was placed on following his first arrest, and the judge in that case was Michael Sauer (Yes! The one who sent Paris Hilton into the hothouse after she drove on a suspended license).

Insiders confirmed to FOXNews.com that Kiefer was offered a driver to take him to and from various venues on Monday evening, but he declined the offer. So why do stars such as Sutherland, Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan (who all have beyond bountiful bank balances) refuse a chauffeur?

“Power and delusion … Kiefer, after all, is '24'’s Jack Bauer — he breaks all the rules and always gets away with it,” suggested Patrick Wanis, an expert in celebrity behavior.

“It is highly plausible that after someone lives and breathes a character for seven seasons that at some level, he will begin to take on many of the characteristics and traits of the character. ... Any behavior expert will tell you that the more you act out a behavior and emotion, the more you will become it."

'Mean Girl': Lindsay Lohan Destroys Marriage?

Lindsay Lohan’s receding reputation seems to have taken another big blow.

The “Mean Girl” has officially been named as the "other woman" responsible for ruining the marriage of British heiress Stephanie Allen (whose family is worth millions) and Dead Stays Alive front man Tony Allen.

A 52-page document outlines the reported romping between the rocker and the “Georgia Rule” star that allegedly took place late last month in their Utah rehab residence.

Stephanie also cites her husband’s drug use as another contributing factor in her desire to divorce.

Tony, however, has since sworn that he has never gone all the way with Lohan and that they are simply “great friends."

But it seems Linds is now in the perfect position to get friendly with another rock star in rehab, as Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has just landed at LiLo’s lodge.

The music mogul (and former flame of both Heather Locklear and Denise Richards) is apparently in need for some time away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and hopes to kick his alcohol addiction once and for all.

But Linds may not be interested — she was recently photographed wearing a jacket that says "Don't Follow Me" on the back.

Tinseltown Trend: Reverse Surgery

Hallelujah! While Hollywood hotties are still strutting to their surgeons at record rates, it seems they are finally starting to appreciate the goods that God gave them and are actually having plastic procedures and artificial assets reversed.

Jenna Jameson recently went back to her pre-porn cup size; Courtney Love had her lips deflated and old nose restored; Paris Hilton chopped off her mock mane and now it appears as though her paparazzi-popular pal Kim Kardashian may also have punctured her pout.

“The hottest thing in Hollywood to do right now is definitely to have implants and anything artificial removed,” Dr. Lewis M. Feder, a New York-based cosmetic and plastic surgeon, said. “A few flaws are considered to be true beauty — being a walking-Barbie is no longer in.”

So if you’re sporting some silicon but want to keep up with style, we suggest going under the knife … again.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Knocked Out by Kids

He may be former pro-wrestler turned screen star, but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been brought to his knees by kids.

“Being a father has helped me understand the true meaning of being selfless. I grew up a fairly selfish guy being an only child and not having much,” he told FOX on Sunday’s red carpet premiere of Disney’s “The Game Plan.”

“But the truth of the matter is, when you have a child you realize that the most important thing is that child’s happiness, and I’ll do anything for my baby girl and for children who need to be helped.”

Click here to watch

And according to his co-stars who worked on the fun family flick, beneath the muscles it is all just mush.

“Dwayne is such a softie,” Lauren Storm said. “He is this giant man who seems so imposing but he is just so nice … and sweet.”

“Oh gosh, he is definitely the most charismatic man in the world,” Roselyn Sanchez added.

Even Kyra Sedgwick and Morris Chestnut said The Rock is nothing more than “a big (a very big) teddy-bear.”

But one thing is for sure — Johnson hasn’t lost his appetite for ego.

“Well what I think is so special about this movie is the brilliant performance of myself,” he added with a smile. “Again we have to be honest … I bet you’re thinking ‘Wow, he’s so humble!’“

Sheen-Richards Post-Divorce Battle Gets Uglier

It seems Denise Richards knows how to play the backstabbing game.

According to Charlie Sheen and his fiancée Brooke Mueller, Richards buttered Mueller up but then did the dirty and attempted to win back Sheen’s love.

“Denise urged me to be open to having a friendship with her,” Mueller told FOXNews.com in a statement issued through her publicist. “But after our relationship was established, she tried to get Charlie to father another child and to reconcile with her. Even though her efforts failed, it was disconcerting to be part of the sequel to the Heather [Locklear] and Richie story."

Sheen said Richards asked him to donate his sperm so that she could have another of his children.

“Shortly before unleashing her attack, Ms. Richards asked for another baby via a sperm donation, after her divisive attempts at reconciliation behind Brooke's back failed. She was flat-out rejected,” Sheen said through the publicist.

Sheen has launched another legal battle with a request to have his ex-wife officially banned from calling or coming close to Mueller or him.

“I have asked that the court eliminate Ms. Richards' ability to abuse and harass us any longer,” he said in the statement. “One can only imagine what we've withstood thus far.”

The couple believes Denise’s deceit runs deep.

“There are huge concerns about how Denise's emotions are impacting her judgment,” Mueller said. Charlie agreed that his ex-wife has “poor judgment on every possible front.”

Calls to Richard’s rep were not immediately returned.

Last week, Richards filed a request in the Los Angeles Superior Court to have Charlie’s overnight visits with his two daughters discontinued due to his “inappropriate behavior and conduct.”

The “Drop Dead Gorgeous” star alleged that Sheen was obsessed with younger women and engaged in sexually explicit acts over the Internet, which included parading his privates.

“The FBI was aware of these issues. I provided them with every computer I owned,” Sheen shot back in response to Richard’s claims. “The computers were returned two weeks later. Haven't heard from them since. Period. The end.”

Brad Pitt Sick of Media Attention; Angelina Bump or Lump?

Reports were running rampant last week that Angelina Jolie already was pregnant with Brad Pitt's second biological child, as the skinny star was snapped sporting a little lump in Venice. But apparently it's more bloat than bump.

"Angelina’s low body weight looks to have caused some malnutrition," observed a doctor who does not treat the star. "This often causes bloating in the stomach region."

A Brangelina buddy wouldn’t confirm any possible pregnancy but told Pop Tarts that "another child is definitely on their radar."

And don't believe front-page stories in the tabloids proclaiming that Brad and Angie are on the rocks — Pitt recently got a tattoo of her birthday etched into his arm.

But it's exactly these types of rumors that Pitt is tired of.

"I still get amazed at the media attention that follows fame; it seems to be at an all-time high. There’s so much competition out there, so many different outlets for it and such a hunger for the best pictures or the best stories," Pitt told FOX.

"I don’t quite understand why everybody cares so much, especially when so much of what is printed and reported has such a negative focus. I don’t find it particularly healthy — for any of us."

And despite that the male half of Brangelina is a proven box-office star, he still suffers severe spooks when promoting his projects.

"There’s a responsibility as an actor not to waste the studio’s money and to make sure they got a quality film," he said. "It’s that quality control that is nerve-racking, but that’s what I like about my job."

And amid recent rumblings that Pitt and his flourishing family are going to be taking more than just a bite out of the Big Apple by setting up residence in New York, the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" star still has a soft spot for his prior palace in New Orleans.

"I have this great love for New Orleans and this great love for the people there," Pitt said. "Katrina was a disaster that should have been avoided; it was a man-made disaster and we need some solutions there so people can get back into their homes and rebuild their neighborhoods."

Rehab Report: Lohan Loves Her 'Salt Lake' Life

Lindsay Lohan seems to be all smiles as she struts through rehab, and according to insiders the "Mean Girl" is doing so well that she may trash Tinseltown for good.

"Lindsay feels so safe and protected there; she has made very close bonds with the staff and everyone around her," a source close to the 21-year-old revealed to Pop Tarts.

"She certainly is in no hurry to leave and face the paparazzi penetration again. She’s starting to realize what the most important things in life are, and fame isn’t on her new list."

Over the weekend, Lohan was spotted busting out her credit card at Soel Boutique in Provo, Utah, and slipping into a screening of Dane Cook and Jessica Alba’s new sex-centered comedy "Good Luck Chuck."

What Must a Woman Do to Get Eddie Murphy 'Raw'?

Eddie Murphy may have had a "Scary" split from the "Spicy" mother of his baby daughter, Angel, but it seems he finally has found the right woman to make him shriek between the sheets.

"To win me over, you got to do a lot of different things, a lot of different things," Murphy told FOX at the premiere of "Good Luck Chuck." "And my girl here can do a lot of different things. ... "

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His girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, a producer on the film, has no objections to some seduction.

"I need my man to be interesting — and this guy is more than interesting," she crooned while cuddling her comedian. "There is never a dull moment with this man."

Meanwhile, Murphy’s baby-momma, Mel B (Melanie Brown), has trashed reports that she is a poor parent who abandoned her kids for several days to tie the knot in Sin City with her beau, Stephen Belafonte.

"She is a hands-on mother completely dedicated to the well-being of her two daughters," a rep for the former pop princess stated.

Brenneman's Secrets to On-Set Sobs

Some stars use drops or onions, but "Judging Amy" star Amy Brenneman digs deeper into real life to get those sorrows surfacing for the reel life.

"When I need to cry on-set, I focus on things that have a deep compassion. I take myself back to a particular moment when I felt so low, when I felt scared of how dangerous the thoughts running through my head really were," she told FOX while promoting her latest movie, "The Jane Austen Book Club."

"But my husband was the one who lifted me out of it — I’m not a huge romantic, and the big gestures make me nervous. But it’s the simple things, like being able to see somebody through their good and bad moments, that make me very emotional."

And when it comes to girl power, the small-screen judge is "motioning" for female freedom.

"As women, we have come a long way over the years — we can earn our own money, choose not to get married and no longer be outcast by society."

Pop Tarts: Britney Headed to Jail?

Britney Spears is headed for the courtroom — and not to claim custody of her kids. Spears has a hearing on Oct. 10 over a recent fender-bender in a San Fernando, Calif., parking lot.

Spears on Friday was charged by the Los Angeles city attorney with two misdemeanor counts — one count of hit-and-run resulting in damaged property and the second for driving without a valid California license. The charges stem from an incident on Aug. 6 when she slammed into a parked car and drove off without leaving details.

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Click here to watch an interview with the alleged hit-and-run victim from CelebTV.com.

Spears soon could be following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie with a stint in jail, as both charges carry a maximum of six months behind bars and a $1,000 fine.

The victim of the "Toxic" traffic accident, Kim Rifkin, filed a police report with the LAPD North Hollywood Division three days after the debacle, and the letter of court notification was sent to Spears Friday afternoon. Rifkin raged publicly about the pop princess, telling Celeb TV at the time that "she doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself."

After she left her lawyer's office, Spears was spotted making her way to Bel Air and into a home believed to be owned by a nurse, sparking speculation that this could be for her very first court-ordered drug test. The dancing diva appeared down and entered looking particularly "stunned."

"It was like Brit couldn’t believe it was all actually happening," an eyewitness said. "She looked like a little girl — disoriented and scared."

Tooth-Shattering Smooch for Dane and Jessica

"Good Luck Chuck" may be a fun film of love and laughter, but co-stars Jessica Alba and Dane Cook felt the painful effects of pushy passion on-set.

"During one of the scenes, Jessica and Dane Cook are making out, but rather aggressively, and they smashed into a wall, which was part of the scene," director Mark Helfrich explained to FOX at the premiere of the romantic comedy on Wednesday.

"But they were supposed to disengage from the kiss before they hit the wall — they didn’t, so Jessica chipped her front tooth and Dane chipped his bottom tooth."

However, when it comes to finding out who is to blame for the savage seduction, the stars themselves have a varied opinion.

"She pulled me into the wall," Cook declared.

"No, no, no — my head hit the wall, your tooth hit mine," Alba argued. "It was his fault."

However, it was Cook who finished the fight.

"It was an aggressive scene and there was a choreography thing," Cook said. "When we smashed faces, I immediately knew that it was her fault. They said 'cut' and we had to do it 17 more times."

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And while most men would be more than happy to get hot and heavy with the Hollywood "Honey" for free, Cook believes he should have been given a bonus bank boost.

"I should have been paid double. Showing up on set every day with Jessica Alba is like … I’m not going to do this. I have to be nice," Cook said. "We were on the 'Mickey Mouse Club' together, not a lot of people know that, when we were 7 and I just knew, I knew that we would really, really have a blast and there was an affinity for one another immediately until we really got to know each other. Now I hate her guts."

So if Cook doesn’t want her, there are still millions of men who do. But what kind of guy is she looking for?

"They need to have a good sense of humor — that’s a big one," Alba said. "They can’t take themselves too seriously — I’m certainly not into egomaniacs."

And perhaps they should be skilled with the stove, as this itty-bitty babe doesn’t want to waste away.

"I need to eat; I’m starving!" Alba explained to the spy who caught her slipping away just before the screening started.

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