Poison Frontman Bret Michaels Visits FOX Studios

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You can take the girl out of the rock … but you can’t take the rock out of the girl!

As some of you may know, I was a rock DJ in my former life, before I worked in news … and rock music is still a big part of my life. (Some favorite concerts I’ve been to so far this year: Guns N' Roses at Madison Square Garden, Black Crows in Central Park, Rolling Stones at Giants Stadium, Chris Cornell Beacon Theater) So, whenever there is a chance to mix rock and news together, I take it!

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to get an e-mail from my friend and FOX colleague Laurie Dhue, who told me that she was about to interview Bret Michaels of the band Poison at the FOX studios. She asked if I wanted to join her — Laurie took me to the Guns N’ Roses show at Madison Square Garden this year, and is quite the rocker in her own right … and no, I don’t have pictures of that night to share with you, but let me tell you, it was fun!

Generally, I cover much harder news; murder, politics, natural disasters, but every once and a while, you get to have a little guilty pleasure fun, on the job, so here we go.

You may already know that in addition to singing in his band Poison, Bret also has a reality TV show on VH-1, called Rock of Love, which is basically, the rocker version of The Bachelor. Now, I don’t usually watch reality shows. I’m not into Survivor, or shows like American Idol, but because Rock of Love is all about the Poison frontman finding love in a sea of strippers and crazed lady rock fans, I just can’t help watching it.

The show has been a rock n’ roll train wreck for sure. Plus, my good friend and roommate, “Rock n’ Roll Al” (see previous Gene Simmons blog) worked on the new Poison video, and took a group of us to see Poison this summer at Jones Beach Amphitheater on my birthday, so there has been a lot of Poison things going on this summer. In addition to all this, I used to spin Poison tunes during my radio show and have introduced them on stage a time or two during the rock days when white leather fringe was cool, acid washed jeans were everywhere and AquaNet hairspray was a major part of your life. (If you are still wearing either of these things or using AquaNet, I apologize. And, if you are using AquaNet, Al Gore probably wants a word with you.)

Bret was very nice, and I was equally excited to meet his big bodyguard, who appears on the show with him named “Big John.” Big John has been keeping the ladies in check, and had to throw a few of them out of the house, or in the pool, or over his shoulder if they’ve had too much to drink. I asked both of them lots of questions about the behind the scenes action while shooting the show, and who was really crazy. (If you watch the show, you know Lacy is the answer.) I was surprised to hear that Bret filmed the season finale, that airs this weekend, back in April, and has had to not only keep quiet about who he picked, but hasn’t been able to see her since to keep the outcome a surprise.

Big John told me that he has made life long friends with a lot of the women, but that he never wants to see Lacy ever again. In the world of TV, I’m sure this woman will end up with her own show someday, but for now, they tell me she is playing music in L.A. As far as who Bret Michaels picks to be his Rock of Love we’ll just have to wait and see! The season finale is this weekend.

To be clear, on this, I only played rock n’ roll wingman to Laurie Dhue’s interview! She was the one who did all the work, I was just hanging out behind the camera, although, she did bring me in at the end to ask a few questions, which was fun, but it may end up on the cutting room floor as they say. Laurie and Bret were great together, and she really held his feet to the fire about why he would even need a TV show to find a lady, since he probably can get, and has had everyone he wants (she really did ask him that!). I think he was smitten with her a tad! Both Laurie and Bret are blonde and have amazing blue eyes, so I think if there is a rock/news hookup, this could be the power couple of the year! Tune in to Geraldo At Large this weekend to check it out!

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Laura Ingle has been a correspondent with FNC since 2005, and most recently reported for the Gerardo At Large syndicated news magazine program. She currently is based in New York.

Laura Ingle currently serves as a New York-based correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) and also frequently anchors FOXNews.com/LIVE. She joined FNC as a Dallas-based correspondent in 2005.