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Wednesday, September 26

Strange Bedfellows

Now this is what I'm talking about ... where can you see the intermingling of a world famous mogul, a world class documentarian and a world renowned sexpert? In the greenroom, of course!

First up, Donald Trump. The guy never sleeps. When he showed up, he didn't want to sit down or eat any tasty greenroom baked goods. He's an energy machine. His latest venture is publishing. He's launching a new luxury magazine along the lines of Ocean Drive called (what else?) Trump. I wondered who would be featured on the first cover. His answer was (who else?) Trump. Either his daughter Ivanka or himself.

At the same time he's getting Trump Magazine off the ground, he's getting ready this week to start shooting the new season of The Apprentice. This one will feature celebrities. I asked which ones; in typical Trump talk, he said, "Big celebrities. Good celebrities. It'll be fantastic." He went on to say how much better his show is than Mark Cuban's (the Benefactor) that "failed." When he spotted his old friend Alexis Glick (filling-in for Gretchen today) during a commercial break, he said, "Alexis, you're fired!" They apparently go way back, though both were suspiciously vague about just how far ...

Tell THAT to Ahmadinejad

It's rare to see Donald Trump star struck, but that's exactly what he was when introduced in the greenroom to documentarian Ken Burns. Trump gave Ken a hearty handshake and raved about Ken's newest production.

Seventeen years to the day after his award-winning series on the Civil War came out, Burns' new film on World War II was released. Trump told Ken he'd just watched it last night and raved, "I never thought you could outdo Civil War but you did!" Ken thanked him and joked, "Tell me you bought the DVD!" Trump said, "Oh, I bought the set" to which Ken replied, "I thank you. My children thank you."

Trump told Ken that when he first watched the Civil War series, he had only planned to tune in briefly but became so engrossed that he had to cancel a golf tournament. Ken was tickled by that type of endorsement and particularly pleased by the timing of his appearance on F&F, just as Iranian President Ahmadinejad (a Holocaust skeptic) prepared to speak at the U.N. Ken told me his new WWII series is powerful because it's told entirely by the actual people who fought in it — and they remember the Holocaust.

Can she say that on TV?

Sometimes I just want to tuck Dr. Ruth right into my purse and carry her around, she's that teeny and adorable. Standing up, she comes up to my belly button. And, God love her, she wears flats. But don't let her size fool ya, she packs a wallop. Just ask Steve Doocy. This morning, Dr. Ruth came in to talk about sex after 50. I've never seen Steve Doocy speechless before — and you might never see it at all — because we have to edit some of the steamier parts of the segment before it airs. This is morning TV after all, and we don't want anyone choking on their cornflakes.

With all the news out of the U.N. this morning, we were forced to change Dr. Ruth's live interview into a taped piece. And that was lucky for our censors, who would have burned calories listening to this. But I'll give you a sneak peek here just in case all the juicy stuff gets cut out. The word Steve blushed over? "Lubrication." And just when he recovered, Dr. Ruth slipped in "Erection." Well that did it. He never regained composure.

Tune in Thursday morning (when the segment is scheduled to air) and see if those moments are still included. Conversely, see if you can spot the holes, large enough to fly a jib camera through, where the edits have been made.

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