Sept. 25, 2007: Your Grrrs About the Emmys

Here are your Grrrs ...

Thomas K. writes: How is it many journalists give Sally a pass on political speech (assuming Hollywood endows stars with omniscience) and they thump Fred (one of their own)? Truth be told, Sally's ramblings in advance of the "GD" bomb made as much sense as Kramer's stand-up rant and Mel's alcohol-induced anti-Semitism. Where was the taser?

Alex E. writes: Dude, you are a prude. Using the words God damn offends you?! And Neil Patrick Harris was inappropriate? Lighten up, man. P.S. Don't go to Europe, you'll have a heart attack if you saw what's on TV over there.

D. Smith writes: I think Sally Field has osteoporosis of the brain and I intend to tell the manufacturers that.

BadBoyHank writes: You poor thing had to hear Sally Field say GODDAMNIT... I pray for you.

Brian W. writes: The other GRRR thing about Sally's rant is that if I am not mistaken it's MOTHERS who keep giving birth to little terrorists who then celebrate when they blow themselves up for martyrdom. A MOTHER gave birth to every serial killer in our history, every general of a war.

Larry W. writes: A big grrrr to you Mike and everyone complaining about "The Sopranos" ending. David Chase never was about making us comfortable, he made us uncomfortable; putting our “friends” into tough situations and having them do heroic things one week, and kill another of our friends the next. Life doesn’t wrap up neatly and I kind of liked the ending -- after I got over being pissed at the cable company for losing the signal right at the end. We’d walked in to snoop on their lives in the middle of a party and just as abruptly we were cut out of their lives. The characters are still out there, and their lives keep on going. Just like our lives, incidents happen and the people involved in those incidents aren’t necessarily involved in the next incident, or anything that ever happens to us again. Plus, here’s the cynic in me, it leaves the door wide open for the movie, or picking things up later for HBO.

Neil D. writes: Why don't you go and rent Ted Kaczynski's old shack in the mountains if you can't handle Hollywood?

Michelle D. writes: I think it is quite unfair to call you the “Dumbest man in America.” I’ve seen, even personally met, people significantly more intellectually challenged than that guy seems to think you are. Besides, I’m entertained by your column.

I’m also glad to see that you did not stoop to the level of the rest of the media, and call Britney Spears fat. Though her performance was very close to disgraceful, she was not fat. She simply doesn’t look like she did when she was 19. Frankly, who can expect her to? I’ll end here to stop myself from going into a tirade on how society and media put unnecessary pressure on women and girls to be unnaturally skinny, just because that’s what Hollywood wants right now. But I will say this, thank GOD for America Ferrera, a normal-sized person, though still below the average size of the American woman.

Anyway, you’re not the dumbest man in America.

Richard C. writes: The name of whatever went on last night should be changed to the "Enema Awards." I have not watched on TV any kind of award presentations for acting in probably 25-30 years. The reasons are multi-fold. First, these awards are for people who play make-believe. They do not deal in reality -- what they do in their work consists entirely of play-acting. Second, they are as a whole out of touch with mainstream America, and out of touch with reality in general. Third, they really think that they have some special insight to offer us, that is the "little people" who watch them play make-believe, when it comes to political and social analysis. So, let's see here ... just how many peer-reviewed scholarly articles have you published?

Erin C. writes: I'm sick of prudish censors telling me what is or isn't appropriate for my eyes and ears. Who on Earth are they protecting by bleeping the word "goddamn"??? Is America going back to the Victorian era? There's a fair amount of cursing to be heard on British and European TV and nobody is any worse off for it.

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