Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, my winners and losers of the week, and why. First the winners.

Hillary Clinton has to think she's a big winner. She got a health care plan out without causing the world to crash in on her. It's not that everybody loves it, but the negative reaction was way less than the first time around.

Taser boy is a winner, despite the fact he did get Tased. But turns out he's always doing these things, a serial prankster, and he hit the big time with his stunt this time.

K-Fed has to be a winner. He wants custody of his kids. He's a playboy who lives off his ex-wife and probably wouldn't get the kids, except ex-wife Britney can't keep from melting down daily.

Rudy Giuliani was a big winner because the very day Ahmadinejad was grandstanding with a request to go to Ground Zero, Rudy was meeting the new prime minister of Britain saying I'd bomb Iran. Timing is everything.

Now the losers, chosen by me and my staff, and why.

The big loser is O.J. What else do I need to say? On the very day his confession-to-murder book comes out, he decides to pull off an armed robbery. Does he want to go to jail? Seems like it.

Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, is a publicity grubbing loser who pretends to not understand why Americans would be offended by his New York visit.

Barry Manilow is a loser. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is dangerous and offensive? You won't share the same stage with her? OMG, has anybody listened to "Mandy" lately? is my biggest loser. They have now been exposed as far-left interlopers determined to take possession of the Democrat Party, doing George Soros' anti-American dirty work.

Those are the Friday Finals, winners and losers of the week.

That's My Word.

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