Why Does Iran's President Want to Visit Ground Zero?

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A fresh outrage from Iranian President Ahmadinejad today.

He has ordered his diplomatic mission at the U.N. — where he is attending the opening of the General Assembly next week — to request security assistance for the Iranian president to visit Ground Zero.

The answer should be an unequivocal no.

The New York Chief of Police Ray Kelly said even though foreign leaders visiting the U.N. are free to travel in the city, it depends on what he wants to do and see because construction for the new Freedom Tower is already underway, and he would only be able to go where the tourists go.

We wouldn't want anything happening to him among all those tourists, would we?

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney jumped on the issue. "This would deeply offend the sensibilities of Americans from all corners of our nation,'' Romney said.

Face it, Mr. "I'm-a-Jihad" just wants to tick you off, and rub your nose in his taunts. I don't have to go through the list of his offenses, do I?

Even if you set aside the Holocaust denials and his wishes to wipe Israel off the map, there is the little matter of his nation's efforts to kill and maim Americans in Iraq, and his recent statement that when the American troops pull out he might send Iranians troops into Iraq. But none of his offenses could compare to his desire to come to Ground Zero to survey the destruction.

Does he want to giggle in pleasure at the sight? Does he want to condescendingly offer Americans his phony sympathies? Does he want to pick up on bin Laden's recent tape message and urge Americans to elect anti-war Democrats? Is he going to wave around his membership card in MoveOn.org?

Official word from New York police has come in and it's no.

That's My Word.

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